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Web Forum[HRM]: Personnel / Human Resource Management - the definitions..

(Note: This is a reply to a post in Mr. G.'s Web Forum - Assignment 9: Look for various definitions of personnel management and human resource management and their authors and sources (minimum of 5). Critique each.)

[#] Human resource management (HRM) is the strategic and coherent approach to the management of an organization's most valued assets - the people working there who individually and collectively contributes to the achievement of the objectives of the business.

Source: Wikipedia

=The employees are truly the most valuable resource of an organization. Thus, the management of these human resources must be deliberated and articulated. It is clearly stated how the employees contributes much to the achievement of goals of an organization. Hence, the HR management should play well to motivate and meet the needs of the workers for their performance affect the quality of work production.

[#] Personnel Management is responsible for the provision of specialist personnel and human resource management advisory services to departments, and the development and implementation of a relevant, coherent and modern framework of employment policies and practices throughout the University.


=This definition is based primarily on how personnel management is being implemented in a certain university. Personnel management to their perspective doesn’t only include the hiring and developing their personnel, but also its function brings in the responsibility of implementing rational employment policies.

[#] Human Resource management is based in the efficient utilization of employees in achieving two main goals within a corporation or other type of organization. The first goal is to effectively make use of the talents and abilities of employees to achieve the operational objectives that are the ultimate aim of the organization. Along with realizing the goals of the organization, Human Resource management also seeks to ensure that the individual employee is satisfied with both the working environment and the compensation and benefits that he or she receives.

Source: wiseGEEK

=It is being stressed in the said definition that the management of human resources has 2 vital roles to play. Practically, the potentials of each individual must be skillfully utilized to achieve the goal of an organization. However, it is not only limited to this. The HR management should also see to it that there is mutual advantage or advantage of both the parties. The personal satisfaction of the workers should also be seen by the management to ensure that the efforts of the human resources and the payment/salary they receive are balanced.

[#] The Human Resources Management (HRM) function includes a variety of activities, and key among them is deciding what staffing needs you have and whether to use independent contractors or hire employees to fill these needs, recruiting and training the best employees, ensuring they are high performers, dealing with performance issues, and ensuring your personnel and management practices conform to various regulations.

Author: Assembled by Carter McNamara, MBA, PhD

=Unlike exactly what are stated in the other definitions, here it is clearly indicated that the responsibility of the HR manager doesn’t only covers hiring and acquisition, and the development of the human resources, and determining what do they need, but it is how these shall be met and dealt with to be used as benefits of the company.

[#] Personnel management is the administrative discipline of hiring and developing employees so that they become more valuable to the organization.


=Administrative discipline refers to “managerial” or “executive” regulation. Based on the definition above, I could say that personnel management involves governmental authority to manage employees which are part of the company or organization. Truly, managing personnel includes high discipline to handle such massive workforce. Human Resource Management (HRM) is the function within an organization that focuses on recruitment of, management of, and providing direction for the people who work in the organization.

Source: About.com

=For sure, HRM is an organizational function that deals with issues related to people working in the company such as compensation, hiring, and benefits. Not only that, it is also responsible for guiding the workforce towards the achievement of the organization’s goals.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


"A life without principles is not worth living." So here are some of my top-of-the-tops treasured self-made, and quoted sayings. Read it, and who knows? It may help you... :-) These are not just for myself but also for the benefit of everybody who may happen to read this.

~Sacrifices have their rewards. Rewards have their sacrifices.
~Save the BEST for LAST.
~Know your LIMITATIONS. Accept your weaknesses. Use your strengths - to benefit mankind.
~Look before you leap! Always weigh things in certain situations before making a decision.
~Don't just decide ONLY for yourself. Think if you're in other person's situation.
~Assume great RESPONSIBILITY. It's your way of getting into maturity.
~Schedule your tasks! Manage your time! And follow your strategic planning most of the time. ~Don't be a PROCRASTINATOR! Or at least avoid being one..
~God gave us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Can't you give Him back just ONE hour for just ONE day?! Go to church and celebrate the Holy Eucharist.
~Show your skills. He gave us talents, it is rightful to enrich it and share it.
~Try to resist temptation. At least try to look at the positive side.
~Ask help. You can't do everything yourself.
~Learn from the mistakes of others. You can't afford a lifetime to learn only from your own. Remember, a mistake is a chance for improvement.
~Follow-up..A mistake uncorrected becomes a double mistake.
~Love your parents. Respect your elders. Befriend your neighbor. They're the ones whom you can turn to when you're down.
~Talk to older people. It will help you become wiser.
~Participate in sensible discussions. Most valuable lessons are learnt outside the four corners of the classroom.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Web Forum[HRM]: An Interview...

Whew! Thinking of somebody whom you know can answer to the question above is a bigGER deal. Especially if you are already making an interview past the deadliest line of the homework. Procrastinator as I may seem, but I've got lessons after the "experience" I had with my task.

This is a hectic week for me. For this is a week of a series of quizzes / exams / technical paper submission / meetings, etc. So I was forced to put off hunting for a personnel / human resource manager whom I could interview with.. until this evening. Having nobody whom I could get an ambush interview with, I decided to try my luck in looking for someone related to the field of human resource management. And guess what? I found myself inside a business-connected chat room in Yahoo! talking with persons who, I guess, misunderstood my question and began eating their hearts out about their hatred to their previous HR managers. Oh my, it's better to log out at once.

I have asked for some ideas about this topic to one of my IT / programming-related chat mate. (He's an IT dept. head, and refuses to give his full identity as well as the company he's in). Fortunately, he was kind enough to give me his opinion regarding this subject. And FORTUNATELY for me because I had finally found somebody sensible enough to give me, at least, answers not too far from my expectations...king

In our conversation, he related the human resource management as represented by the HR manager of the company. The HR manager, being the head of the section, must possess the qualities of a good leader for he manages the most vital part of the company - the working force.

Here are his major points:

HRM plays a very vital role in every company and we can never overlook the role of HRM.
Idea The HR manager should be the one who possesses the qualities of a leader - one who has the power to influence people bringing them together to achieve towards one goal - the company's goal.
Idea In every firm, we have different groups of people having different ideas and ways of doing things. So the HR manager must be skillful enough to handle his group, the conflict-resolver, a fair leader who sets aside discrimination brought about the differences of each individual.
Idea The leader must know to stand his authority - give rewards and punishments when necessary to those employees who deserve to receive such. In addition, he must be a good motivator.
Idea To him, dealing with human resources is a very difficult one because it involves the task of proper dissemination of information to various departments that make up the company. It also involves the task of ensuring that there is harmonious relationship between the individuals in the departments, and giving them the necessary trainings, orientation, etc., for these are the factors to ensure the success of the organization.

I agree with his thoughts, absolutely. Being the head of a certain group/company/organization carries a big responsibility. The authority and power you possess, always have a corresponding obligation.

He added that his concept is almost similar to his boss, although there were no organization perfect enough to play the role he described to me, well, he can manage to be grateful of the way his company's management goes. Very Happy lol! lol!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy 18th Birthday...belated

Before the 8th month of the year ends, let me have this post for everyone including me. :-)

Well, I just would like to include this significant thing in here although it's quite late to put an update about this certain event. And I think it would be bad if I'll post it later than this month, right? Lol. So here it is.


The 16th day of August 2008 is a day to call for a celebration. Indeed! Oh, c'mon, let's make simple and straightforward. August 16, 2008 is my 18th birthday. Haha. Big deal, huh? :-)

As I recall, I made no BIG preparations for my so-called DEBUT? Except that my mom just bought the ingredients for the food about a week before. (^_^) I have second thoughts of having a BIG party due to some unexplainable reasons. But of course, since it's a one-in-a-lifetime event, my parents and I wanted it to be really special. My idea of the moment was to keep it simple yet special.

I never expected that I will be serenaded with birthday songs and be offered by roses by our friend-neighbors during the dawn. I felt so special. :-) Thanks!

My idea of my 18th birthday celeb was that it would be simple yet memorable. What is most important to me was to thank the Lord for giving me another year to my lifetime on earth, and spending it with loving parents and supportive family and friends.

I had spent hours in the morning until afternoon helping in the kitchen. Whew! I felt like a chef during my birthday. But I caught up to go to the church and attend the Holy Mass in the evening. I pursued to go myself even without my parents and even though my classmates and relatives were already on their way to our house. (--,)

When I got home I was kinda surprised with the large tent being assembled in our lawn, with a number of visitors - family friends and relatives. Although I think it lacked much preparations, I was still thankful for the better weather that evening (since I already know that every birthday of mine, God will shower His blessings in the form of little raindrops :-)) and my classmates were able to get the program started. Well, actually it was not a proper program. They just said some few memorable lines and presented their gifts and dedications, along with my cousins, aunts, and uncles with my parents of course! I'm very much thankful for all the things that happened, no matter how good or bad it is. Still it's a wonderful birthday! So, happy birthday to me...!

My birthday wouldn't be complete without moments being captured, of course. So for anybody to have a glimpse of what had happened during that special evening, here are some of the pics I have managed to get. Uhm, I still had not made the camera file developed so I'll just post the other pics sometime...(for those who wanted to see their faces in here) Lol.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Web Forum[HRM]: SONA 2008

[Note: This is a reply to the post in Mr. G.'s Web Forum (HRM subject). Assignment 7: On the assumption that you heard/read the SONA of the President yesterday, July 28, 2008, identify at least 3 areas related to Human Resource Mangement and explain how these areas can improve our quality of life.]
State of the Nation Address of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo during the 2nd Regular Session of the 14th Congress of the Republic of the Philippines
28 July 2008

Okay. I have actually heard a portion of the President's State of the Nation Address in the news. But I was not able to catch up some points related to our subject in Human Resource Management. So, assuming I have taken into my notes what she said (assuming I have my source), I have to identify 3 areas related to HRM and..elaborate it. :-)

So here are my 3 picks:

"In training, 7.74 million took technical and vocational courses over the last seven years, double the number in the previous 14 years. In 2007 alone, 1.7 million graduated. "

This is a good point to note. It only shows that our young Filipinos are acquiring skills through training and vocational courses offered by some government projects. This is a way of developing the abilities of students in their preparation to the real world of work. Even though they can't afford to enroll in degree programs, at least they are being trained and oriented technically for their employment opportunity in the future.

"Employers have funded the two increases in SSS benefits since 2005. Thank you, employers for paying the premiums.

GSIS pensions have been indexed to inflation and have increased every year since 2001. Its salary loan availments have increased from two months equivalent to 10 months, the highest of any system public or private—while repayments have been stretched out."

Benefits and other added compensation are essential for the workforce of a company. It is one way to keep the employees motivated to be productive in line with the company's goal. So granting we have this SSS and GSIS benefits, etc provided by the employers, the company's human resources and the future workers of it are lucky enough to gain such rights and privileges.

"Bukod sa libreng edukasyon sa elementarya at high school, nadoble ang pondo para sa mga college scholarships, while private high school scholarship funds from the government have quadrupled.

I have started reforming and clustering the programs of the DepEd, CHED and TESDA. "

This is a very beneficial help especially to the aspiring students and their poor families. As with the crisis affecting every aspect of life in the world, more families can't afford to let their children go to school. In result, we are acquiring higher literacy rate and weaker workforce in the country. But through these scholarship programs by the government, the four corners of learning are now being accessible to students and even out-of-school youth who wanted to grab education in their hands. As we conceive, education is very important to a person because it is in formal learning where he can get skills training, personal and intellectual development,etc to be one of the best and competitive employees and employers in the future for they shall make the human resources of our country's workforce.

I have noted that there are so many points stressed by the President during her SONA 2008 but most of them focused more on the rice production, land reforms, and VAT. Nevertheless, in spite of the global crisis affecting the people from all walks of life especially our fellow countrymen below the poverty line, her words express optimism for the country's economic development. Such a strong-willed leader.

Source: SONA 2008 Speech Text (courtesy of a SONA link in Ymreb's blog)

Friday, August 8, 2008


Let me greet you on this significant moment in historic epoch. Today is a memorable time in the history of the human world. (-_-) Lol. I just want to post something on this very day that happens only every century...

[ 080808 ]
August 08, 2008

Ask me why I'm affected? Huh! It's not the day when I or somebody close to me was born on this same date years ago. (I actually don't know.) But what does the number combination means to me? Hmmm...

Well, I want to mark this time as a significant one, maybe because of the following (maybe you'll think some are pointless) reasons:

[#] I consider 08 as my lucky and favorite number [along with 16, but I can't recall anything that can prove to you why);

[#] It's my birth month - August [Yes, I guess that's a reasonable point.] August is the 8th month of the year;

[#] 08=16/2. Now here's quite incidental. I was born on the 16th day of the 8th month of the year 1990. The connection? 8 is half my birth date. [so you see..(-_-)]

[#] 8...considered as a lucky number by some. Because of the characteristics of its figure. Take a look at its shape. They say it means 'continuous' flow of luck and/or blessings. (or something like that.) To prove, many people around the world made schedules for special occasions to an auspicious date like 080808. The opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics,to mention, was arranged on this date, at 08:08pm - August 18, 2008 - the 8th day of the lunar calendar and a Chinese almanac-approved-day, with loads of positive energy fireworks ( - 34k -). In addition, 080808 has a nice ring which, also looks like that of the olympic symbol. :-)
I've also noted that many couples arranged their weddings on this special date, as news stated.

[#] ∞ infinity insignia. I've always been thinking about the unexplained connection of this infinity insignia to me. But I couldn't think of a valid reason to you why I should treat this special except that I guess it's extraordinary. My fave number and the infinity symbol. That is where I got the mindboggling penflameinfinity insignia. see..

How about you? What does this date mean to you? Or perhaps, does this mean something to you? Is it just one of those dates that repeats, looks like when typed, etc?
[comment on this post]

Well, as others would think, it reminds me to perhaps buy a lottery ticket and cross my fingers hoping that the luck 080808 brings will be showered upon me. Lol.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Strange Visitor

I was turning on my computer last night to start doing my plates (projects) when I heard the voice of my father over my shoulder. I didn’t pay attention ‘coz I thought it was nothing. But he came in and showed me a little bird. He said he found it near our dirty kitchen. We thought that somebody, perhaps a kid, had captured and lost it. So he handed me the little creature and intended to keep it until tomorrow. It seemed tired and exhausted, obviously looking for its mother, I guess.

I don’t exactly know the name of its species, but it is one of the common types of birds I see in our yard. (Actually, we call it “Tamsi” (local term), the kind of bird that clings in small branches of plants.) It’s a long-beaked bird with dark gray-and-green feathers with a black spot on its yellow breast. Oh, just take a look at the picture. It’s a good thing I didn’t forget to capture the moment.

The tiny creature doesn’t seem to be very friendly. As if I had expected! Well, I never had any experience of having birds as pets for a long period of time. But I still give tender loving care to any creature of Mother Nature. (--.) This cute little bird just behaved as I examined it and introduced myself. (Haha, I actually talked to the birdie. It’s just me, you see. That’s how fond I am to animals. ) About a couple of times too, that it tried to fly away from my gentle grasp while I took its pictures. No, I should say our pictures. I kept seizing it back. I could see that it’s catching its breath. Poor birdie, I guess he’s hungry.

So I handed the bird back to my father when he came in. He said we should let it fly but I guess it couldn’t fly away that much coz it has to restore its energy to go back outdoors the next day. I told my dad to spare him some food, (and I don’t even know what should be given to the bird coz I think a small grain of rice would make it hard for him to swallow). But my father brought the bird outside and placed him near the plants. The little creature jumped to a small branch of a certain shrub and it disappeared from my father’s sight, never to return again.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

[HRM]: The First Experiences in NEDA XI

I just want to share the first experiences of our group in our adopted company...

NEDA XI [National Economic and Development Authority-Region XI] is our adopted company for Human Resource Management(HRM) subject field study.

The First Visit

Perhaps a memorable day to us. Because we didn't had a glimpse of what would happen as much as we don't really know the exact location of our adopted company - except the address of their building. You see, none of us had been there in such place. So we were all scouting for the perfect spot. Because of the uncertainty we felt during the moment we were riding in the jeepney, we stopped at a certain spot where I knew we can 'trace' the building - by walking. Sigh. There are no particular jeepney which could pass by the said road. And so, we hiked. Each of us looking for roadsigns in crossings we passed. Whew! We never expected it would be a looong day. What made it 'memorable' was that one of my groupmates ruined her shoe in the long run. She was complaining that she can't walk long enough and so we bought a rugby in on of the hardwares on the street. After that we continued our journey. (-_-) Finally, we got into the office (it was on a not-so-exposed location - so unfamiliar place) and handed the letter asking permission to let us do a study to their HR department. "-) The person who received the letter told us to call again for the schedule of the interview. Boy, they thought we were applying for an OJT.

The Day of the Supposed-to-be Interview

My groupmates and I had already prepared for the 'actual interview' in NEDA XI. I must admit its not actually a perfect timing for all of us. The company made the schedule for the interview, and so, since we didn't have a choice, we have to consider their vacant period. But when we got there, the person-in-charge of the interview referred us to another person to be interviewed who, at that moment, was nowhere to be seen. [We should finish the interview in time, you see, coz we still have classes after.] We just spent time there waiting - in vain. The person-in-charge of us (what I mean is the person we just called to) came out and announced that the interview would be postponed because the person she was referring to was not around and was not sure if he could come. In short, the interview was postponed on the next Monday. (-_-)

The Day of the Actual Interview
July 7, Monday

Only four of us (one of my groupmates had a class and she couldn't come) went to NEDA. But with us is a 'companion', the incharge of the documentation procedure. Lol. I'm referring to one of my classmates who was not actually enrolled in the subject but volunteered to help us. Thanks to her, we focused on the interview and she managed to capture the moment - on cam.

The one who made the appointment, NEDA XI Administrative Officer IV of the said institution, greeted us and asked for some sample questions about our interview. She then referred us to their boss, the Chief Administrative Officer, who would be our interviewee. (--,) Gee, we expect to have the HR manager (who happened to be the Admin Officer IV) as our interviewee since we want the HR Manager / Dept. Head of the institution but well, her reason was that he knows everything. (",)

The unexpected twist happened when NEDA XI Admin Chief said to us that he just wanted to give us the printed copy of whatever questions we had in our paper (actually that was made by Kate for the interviewer and NOT for the eyes of the interviewee). But since the HR Manager inspected the questions beforehand and passed it to him so we didn't have any choice. Plus, we thought that it would be an advantage to our part since we will be having a hard copy of their opinion. Chief's concern was that he wanted to see to it that whatever we will be discussing would be exactly what they imparted to us, so to say, the word-for-word statements he would be saying. Well, I understand their part, but maybe they just wanted to play safe you know.

So to cut the story short (now that this has gone long) we just 'played' as if we were actually interviewing Chief on cam. That was for the sake of documentation however. But it was the better part than the verbatim hard copy he gave to us. Later you will know the rest of the story about the outcome of our interview with NEDA XI.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Web Forum[HRM]: .."Human beings are the most important, potent and critical, resource of any organization..."

[Note: This is a reflection based on the posted quote in Mr. G.'s Web Forum[HRM]- Assignment 6: Make a reflection on this statement .."Human beings are the most important, potent and critical, resource of any organization, and yet the least understood and the worst managed of its resources"]

The HR department is the information center for the most important assets of any organization – the employees. ( Truly because they composed as the most essential aspect as the workforce of the company. And so, they are the most influential and critical resource of any organization. Yet maintaining a well-organized HR department is, I guess, the most tedious task to do. For manpower is the worst managed of all resources. Unlike documents and computers, people have their own minds, emotions, and principles, especially at work. You can't just tell them to shut up when they wanted to brag about the tons of officeworks you gave to them. Much more, they are a lot more than machines which can't voice out their grievances and just do exactly what you tell them to do. Echoing the words of Mr. Stephen G. Basilio, Chief Administrative Officer of our adopted company, NEDA XI, it's not impossible to have cases like that, especially if you are dealing with HUMAN resources. Knowing people, each has his/her own personality/character. They differ in their own ways. Much alike, they have also their own behavior at work - their skills/potentials, and how they perceive your instructions. One can't actually impose this or that kind of management style without taking into account the kind of people he/she is dealing with, particularly the behavior of his employees. For when you hire this person, it's not only the skills and abilities of this person which you needed in work and have to address with. It's an all-in-one package. Admit it or not, you have to deal with them professionally, AND personally. Leading a team is a difficult job. (Experience tells!) You must first be a follower before you could win the hearts of your subordinates and earn their support. And you just can't put limitations to them. It's their human rights. And that's how hard it is to manage human beings. It's complicated.

Web Forum[HRM]: HRM is included in the curriculum bcoz...

[Note: This is a reply to the post in Mr. G.'s Web Forum (HRM). Assignment 5: Why do you think HRM is included in the BSCS / BSIT curriculum?]

Based primarily on the meaning of each word, "Human Resource Management" is the managing or directing / controlling the human resources or shall we say, the manpower essentials of a certain company. Now, why is the subject IT-314 (Human Resource Management) included in the BSIT / BSCS curriculum? Well, for a fact that HRM is also included in the curriculum of other course, I must say that this we, as IT (and CS) students have the rights to have this as one of our subjects. One major factor or reason, I shall say, is that the subject provides us the knowledge of how human resources are being taken of, for example, in a company. Here we study and learn the value of human resource in the industry. But it's not the mere experience of having knowledge about how the human resource operates or manages. It's how we apply these learnings to the actual side when we will be having our jobs in the future. We know that HRM deals more about PEOPLE - as the essentials or the workforce of the company. Thus, included here is how to deal with manpower, its various roles and functions, how to maintain and develop it, etc. In the near future we would be dealing with our own boss(es) and colleagues. For sure what we have learned basically about this subject will equip us with information on how to be: a 'good player' in the field of work where we may be assigned, on how to maintain harmonious relationship esp. between the boss (superior) and employee/s. This matters to us, students for we will be dealing with our own employers and co-employees when we get to our jobs.

Oh c'mon, where has all the smileys gone?!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Web Forum[HRM]: 21st Century Corporations...

[Note: This is a reply to Mr. G.'s post in the HRM web forum. Assignment 4: What do you think will the 21st-century corporations look like?]

A Reflection: Concern on the New Technology Brought About by the 21st Century
My concept of a 21st corporations is within the following paragraphs.Exclamation

"Break down a larger problem so you'll know how to solve it. So let me take it slow."

Wikipedia defines a corporation as a legal personality, usually used to conduct business. Corporations exist as a product of corporate law, and their rules balance the interests of the shareholders that invest their capital and the employees who contribute their labour. People work together in corporations to produce. In modern times, corporations have become an increasingly dominant part of economic life. People rely on corporations for employment, for their goods and services, for the value of the pensions, for economic growth and social development.

By that definition alone, it's crystal clear that human resource is a major factor in the development of business especially in larger ones like corporations.

[Thanks to Ate Hannah's post, I now know the exact date when the 21st century really started.]
We are aware that we are now in the early phases of the 21st century - where everything changes in the height of technology advancements. Big companies nowadays adapt new innovations through the latest technologies ever available in the market so to catch with the newest trend and eventually, make bigger income. Even small enterprises and corporations alike take advantage of what is brought by technology to help make their gross income higher. Say, computer-operated machines instead of purely manual manpower production. I'm not saying this is bad. It's actually a big help to produce more yet lessen the effort of companies with regards to their productivity. But reducing efforts in limited time may also reduce the workforce.

In my general point of view, although I don't really have a perspective of how much or how less a company recruits or layoffs its manpower. With this latest innovations, less human resource are needed to make productions manually. All because it is already provided by these gadgets brought about by technology especially now in the 21st century where it is used widely.

Why am I stressing about the workforce, say the manpower? Because it is what I think, the most affected in a company's adaptation of technological innovations - especially in this century. You see, 21st century corporations look like more globally competitive, more creative in process, more adaptive to changing environment. Because they have to get with the standards set by the century itself. I visualize corporations like this in the future. Human resources will not be anymore the MOST major concern of the company's productivity. Well, it is still there to oversee or to use the computer-operated machines but my point is, major production is not done at least, manually. I agree with Jade Mijares' point that unemployment would be a problem in the growing population. Manpower is still there but only in the rank and file and not those who operates the production activity. I couldn't help thinking of the time that would come where there would be less people comprising in the world. In the birth of higher innovations, earth will be filled up with more machines than real humans.

My appreciation to the previous posts in this topics and the internet wiki, as well. Thanks for the ideas. It's great to know your opinions regarding this topic. study study lol!lol!lol!lol!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Meet ChEcKiE!

Hi. Let me have this bronze opportunity to introduce you to my all-time friend, my saver-hero - a fellow I can trust through THICK-and-THIN, who's always there, ready to GRAB - RAIN or SHINE. He has never failed me. [char..]

Allow me to be exaggerate this time, folks. He can actually do THAT. In fact, he's the one whom I can always trust. Round-the-clock. Hehe.

"Feeling blue..." Yeah. I feel blue when I'm with Checkie. Because Checkie is blue! Lol.

Okay. Checkie is actually my UMBRELLA (ella..ella) hahaha! He's my folded umbrella which I always carry in my bag wherever I may go. He's actually the first thing I put in the pocket inside whenever I change bags. He's checkered blue-and-li'l white that's why I named him Checkie. (^_^)

Wonder when it all started? I was strolling in my campus with my classmates when we had this 'not-so-corny-but-a-lil-childish' stuff. The weather was hot and the golden sun was up so we opened our umbrellas. And, each of us have different designs of umbrellas so we were naming our umbrellas with tags related to its colors. And that's how Checkie got his name. Hehehe.

Checkie was actually one of my mother's 'recycled giveaways', you know. He's from my mom. As in, he was. So just imagine how OLD he is. But take note, he's not that weak. I can use him as a defense tool. Hahaha. Even though he's more than 3 yrs. old right now, his colors has not yet faded thoroughly. He's still blue. Cool color he's got, hasn't he? And he's my hero. I can always count on him rain or shine. Just ask Yeye about it. She's got more to say about Checkie. Right, Ye? :-)

[okay, right at this moment, i think Checkie has to fulfill his duties. it's raining outside. got to go.]

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Web Forum[HRM]: a company that has undergone HR downsizing

(Note: This is a reply to a post in Mr. G.'s web forum in our HRM subject: Assignment 3: Visit and identify a company website that has undergone HR downsizing. Identify the cause of downsizing and describe its processes.)

What is downsizing? see,,sid9_gci759501,00.html

As I've searched the net for topics related to downsizing, I have come across this particular subject in one of the forums connected to industries and companies. Thanks to Hoovers Business Insight Zone, I have found a subject for my assignment. Very Happy What attracted my attention is a featured telecommunications company (of the day - in the forum) which has, or is, actually experiencing continuous layoffs with its employees.

What I'm talking about is the Alcatel-Lucent, a company that operates in telecommunications equipment sector. According to what I have searched, Alcatel-Lucent took its current form in late 2006, when French company Alcatel plunked down $11.6 billion to buy Lucent in a merger. They agreed in a $13.4 billion deal to combine their productions, creating a company with revenue of $25 billion, 88,000 employees and phone customers across the world. The merging of North America with Central and Latin America in Alcatel-Lucent's sales structure is part of a broader move to simplify the way the company sees the world, splitting it into just two regions: the Americas, and the rest.

But with the 2006 merger, reports said that the $27.5 billion company has posted six quarterly losses and has taken more than $4.5 billion in writedowns, while its stock has plummeted 50%. Despite the efforts of CEO Patricia Russo and her team the misery hasn’t gotten better since the two companies joined forces.

In fact, I've learned that the company has undergone company downsizing and further layoffs after its postmerger financial performance continued to disappoint. As part of the restructuring, the company also announced that it was going to lay off 16,500 employees throughout the country. Well, the lay-off plans were mainly due to the company's three-point plan for restoring the company to profitability.

Last Oct. 31, 2007's news is full of stories on Alcatel-Lucent’s plans to lay off 4,000 employees. Worse than the news is how little surprise it provoked: the company has already announced layoffs of 12,500 people this year, it just reported yet another sizeable loss.

Russo will in future be advised by panel of seven senior executives, down from 11 before. Just two of them are former Lucent employees: Cindy Christy, who will add Central and Latin America to her existing responsibility for North American sales, and John Meyer, head of services, a role he held at Lucent.

Other changes ahead for the company include a tighter focus on products to help carriers transform their networks to an all-IP (Internet Protocol) infrastructure, a move from products to value-added services, and a more streamlined organization with fewer staff in support functions to eliminate post-merger duplication.

Pedini's role in human resources is particularly significant as the company prepares to shed a further 4,000 jobs by 2009, having already cut 3,800 in the first half of this year. Her approach is likely to focus on the numbers -- the company hopes the job cuts will save it a further €400 million -- rather than the people, as she worked for four years as Alcatel's deputy CFO, only taking on the role of vice president of human resources and communications in January 2006.

This June 1, 2008 news said that already 2,000 Lucent employees left the company's 600,000-square-foot Lisle office to work across the street in Naperville. The building on Warrenville Road was more than 50 percent vacant. The move will consolidate 4,100 employees and contractors in the Naperville office.

Meanwhile, the Lisle location will be put on the market. Until 2005, Lucent Technologies also operated in Naperville Woods Office Center on Warrenville Road. The employees at that location were moved to the Naperville/Lisle office as the telecommunications equipment giant suffered losses and enacted companywide downsizing.

Major Source:
Hoovers Business Insight Zone

Online articles:
Update: Poor results at Alcatel-Lucent prompt more layoffs By Peter Sayer, IDG News Service
Oct. 31, 2007

Alcatel-Lucent CFO leaves in management change by Peter Sayer, Wed, 31 Oct 2007 PC World Computing Center


Saturday, June 21, 2008

Web Forum [HRM]: online job services

[This is a reply to the post in Mr. G.'s forum - Assignment no. 2 : Using the internet, examine five(5) different on-line job services and write a brief evaluation of the services and which do you like best and why.]

I find these online job services interesting. See if you'd also want to experience being:

a Medical Transcriptionist
- produces such documents as patient history, examination reports, discharge summaries, autopsy reports and referral letters to specialists or other facilities of patient care providers who record medical notes, and patient histories into a tape recorder to be transcribed into a hard copy at a later time. Transcriptionists must be knowledgeable of medical terminologies, anatomy, physiology, assessments and more since they may have to clarify inconsistencies in the report.
Arrow With the use of digital playback equipment (recorder), and a word
processing software, it is easy for MTs to work even in home or office (it could be a form of a sideline when you're at home. All you need is an internet connectin and poof! you got a lot of money to earn.)

an Internet Research service provider
- skilled at finding information and know how to use a variety of online databases and sources for increasing number of companies who rely on Internet information sources and databases for information they need.
Arrow Less effort. One can build his/her own website where he can put his advertising space or link other sources on the net to increase his revenue.

a Motion Graphics Designer
- creates animated artwork for a variety of mediums: the internet, television, and movie are a few. Motion Graphics can be seen in commercials, web movie clips, stand-alone presentations, trailers, intros, and post production work for television and movies.
- Must be knowledgeable in Photoshop (one of the best applications to master if you want to excel as a Motion Graphics Designer), Flash, After Effects, Adobe Premier, Final Cut Pro and sometimes Avid training is required. Having an accessible online reel of edited motion graphics work and /or professional Flash movie clips is a plus.
Arrow Great job for an artist who enjoy working online. You could have the chance to be known in making 3D - Multimedia movies in Hollywood someday!

a Desktop Publisher
- electronically design and produce printed materials such as advertisements, brochures and newsletters; create letterheads and business cards, fliers, posters, brochures, and the like.
- needs a good computer with desktop publishing and graphics software, and a fully equipped home office to properly work this job or business at home.

Arrow This job is a rewarding one. It only requires basic design ability and knowledge of word processing and some desktop publishing programs.

a Website Developer / Creator
- Creates a theme-based website that gives detailed information centered around one particular theme or topic. All it takes is a good eye for design, knowledge of website design software and how to create a website, and creativity.
Arrow Hmm, nice job. A freelancer website artist can earn big bucks even while at home or in the office.
These jobs are all exceptionally good, and are home-based. Thus they give benefits for the service provider since these could be in a form of a sideline. If I'm going to rate the five, it would be:
1 - Motion Graphics Designer
2 - Desktop Publisher
3 - Theme-based Website Creator / Developer
4 - Medical Transcriptionist
5 - Internet Researcher

I chose Motion Graphics Designer as my top online job service because of the reason(s) that: I once dreamed to be known in this field of ability; I liked the idea of making animated artworks online - portraying your skill and using it to earn money.

But I understand that I don't have to earn a degree in BS Information Technology just to be that one. Aside from being an IT specialist someday, I have my plans of obtaining certificate programs in digital arts / multimedia / graphic design (for sidelines). Heheheh. lol! rendeer
-Degree Source There are many degrees of success. Find yours today. CAREERS: Job by Description
-Sessions Online School of Design Preparing Design Professionals

Friday, June 13, 2008

Web Forum [HRM]: Job Description

*Re-echo of Assignment 1 in HRM web forum:

Job: Computer/IT specialist/consultant

Someday I want to be an IT specialist/consultant in a well-known IT company. As a graduate of BS Information Technology, my job is to:
-analyze company's IT requirements, teach/train new staff, analyze/design/develop new systems that can be used by the company

with my specialty areas:
- knowledge in programming languages, data communication networks and database designing, also knowledge in computer hardware / software analysis

An IT specialist/consultant should also have:
-the ability to work under pressure
-good interpersonal and leadership skills
-good logical, technical, analytical ability

References (online):
GET, a site from Hobsons
Michigan Civil Service Commission- Job Specification-IT specialist

Web Forum [HRM]: Introduction

Hello world.. I'm Charmaine D. Dayanan, 3rd-yr BS Information Technology student in USEP-Obrero Campus (just in case you didn't know, applicable to "foreigners" in this forum..hehe). Well, I expect that in this subject [Human Resource Management], I will learn more about how it is to manage/direct/control people/human resources(HR) in companies; Wink and of course, hope everybody will pass. I also expect that my instructor will be very helpful in guiding us through this course. So to everyone...wish us all the best in this subject!! rendeer

[This is an echo of what I've posted in the HRM Web Forum]

WeLcomE baCk!! [Blog Entries for Feb, Mar, Apr, May]

Well...hello again! Hmm, long-time-no-see-no-hear huh? :-) I missed YOU ALL!!

So far, it's been quite a long time since I've made my last entry here. Sorry for that, I've got only a li'l time online and most of it are spend on doing programming plates. Tsk, tsk..

But anyway guyz, I promise to catch up with you. [ I SURELY will, PROMISE!!! ] So, rummaging through the webs of my mind (hopefully I still got them) here are some (if not all) of the topics I wish I had already posted in this blog a long time ago...[i'll just sum them up, okay? ^_^]

Look up..

For the month of February:

Love is in the air.. February - the month of love..hearts' month..valentine's month. My apologies for greeting you, bloggers, a belated 'Happy Valentine's Day/Month'.. But I do believe that February is not the only month where we celebrate being in love. Maybe we are just exaggeratedly "in-love" in this time because it is during in this month we see bountiful roses and other flowers being given to our loved ones as gifts alongside with luscious chocolates and candies, love letters, and many, many more. Plus, we see more lovers, family and friends spend momentous time with their special ones. So, even if it's already the first month of school now, let me greet you Happy Hearts' Moment all throughout the year, and may the true virtue of genuine love be with you and your loved ones now and forever...

By the way, I just would like to share the story of Cupid and Psyche in the Greek and Roman mythology for this season of love. It's one of my all-time favorite love stories of all time. The story portrays the virtue of trust and faith which is very vital in love and in any relationship.

I would also like to cite quotations from the Holy Bible for this month... Love verses from the Book of 1st Corinthians. Uh well, how I wish I brought my treasury of quotes this time, but I'm gonna share more of my collections next time.. Buh-bye!

[Love is not love without trust.. - Cupid]

For the month of March..

Marching March.. the time of the year when students celebrate their long-awaited graduation day. Graduates at last! To all newly-grad bloggers out there, congratulations and good luck to you. My salute to all parents who spent their utmost care and love and unending support to their children. This moment is the most anticipated happening to all your sons and daughters for this is the time when students march to the stage to accept their diplomas and awards - the fruits of their labor.

Done are the days of sleepless nights doing homeworks, periods of worrying much about examinations and deadlines, cycles of tight schedules over studies, part-time jobs, and home chores, phases of ups and downs of passing and failing grades, and many more. Good or bad, these are only some of the things we experience in school, the things we live in education. But these experiences make up this unforgettable phase of life we have. Even if we finish our course, even if we're done with our formal education, may we be reminded always of the knowledge we acquired through our teacher's lessons and the adventures we had during our training. Days may be over but may we will never forget how our struggles in the past brought forth the taste of sweet success we had attained right in this moment.

Let these things be always carried in our hearts and in our minds as we go along with our journey through life. Our education is our guide and light to our path that we ought to take in the future. So to all graduates of 2008, I wish you fruitful years ahead. Good luck and God bless to your careers in the future! (^_^)

[Well, I also wish myself the best of all luck. May I graduate in my course as soon as possible. :-) ]

For the months of April and May...

Whew! Summer vacation, finally! I've been always looking forward to this moment - the moment away from school and homeworks, whooo!!!! Hahaha.

Well anyway, since by this time I am editing this blog, let me just recount what happened during my summer vacation... :-)

Hmm, I'm quite occupied during the last 2 weeks of April. Our parish had requested youth volunteers for the annual Youth and Children's Night presentation (that was last April 30). And as a PSB-Coordinator(a youth leader) of our GKK(Basic Ecclessial Community), it is my duty to recruit youth volunteers from our unit to participate in the annual event. Well, to make the story short, I am one of the participants of the Youth/Children's night - as in one of the presentors of the show. Big deal huh?

The theme was "Dance Evolution" and guess what..? Charmaine Dayanan was one of the dancers. Haha, lol. Just imagine me performing on stage. Tsk, tsk. Well, actually, dancing is not my forte. I know how to because I can learn the steps if there'll be someone to teach me. Now, that's the big deal. I can't assure you I'm a graceful dancer but well, I had my dreams of being a performer once. So, being a part of the event is quite, you know, "big deal" for me. Experience, yes, that's it. I've spent nights of bone-breaking nerve-racking stretching during rehearsals and well, it resulted in one absent because of fatigue. Lol. The show had gone well, though. Several nights of rehearsals ended in a few hours of performing during the final show. Tsk. The efforts paid off anyway. We've met new friends.

Last two weeks of May is a period of the GKK's preparation to the Culmination Day of Flores de Mayo. Let me just sum it up. What we have done in the Culmination is a re-echo of what we have done in the Youth Night. This time the performers were just the kids, and WE were the choreographers. Haha. It's fun to know you're sharing your talents to the young generation, you know.

Last June 7, I attended a Youth Environment Seminar spearheaded by the Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) Federation of our Barangay (Matina Pangi) though the Green Brigade program. It was uhm, one of the 'experiences' in summer, coz it was held in Vista Grande Resort somewhere in Catalunan Grande, Davao City. It's a wonderful experience learning to care about nature and having fun. After the lecture (seminar), we had our moments in the pool. New friends, new knowledge, food free-of-charge, souvenir items - Green Brigade tshirts, pledge (I was elected as Team Leader of the Membership Committee) signature, etc's what I've got. (^_^)

Monday, January 14, 2008

HeLLo wOrLd!! Welcome 2008!

Happy New Year! 2008...the year of the earth rat. Another year, a brand new time to change, a brand new chance for improvements.

Most of us are equipped with new year resolutions that we've planned to do in the coming year. And well, admit it or not, almost all of our resolutions in the past did not come out as what we had expected them to be, right? :-) Because mostly humans tend to forget what they had vowed to do or undo in the year more or less 7 days after new year celebration. Whew! Humans! (and I'm not denying that I'm not one of those who break their resolutions, huh?! haha)

But anyhow, we must then set goals for ourselves this new year. It would further help us make better persons if we would look forward to changes in our habits. Good or bad, there must be some real improvements. Experts say that in order to make those resolutions of ours be put into action and be effective, there must be some initial steps to be taken so to assure that these resolutions will be carried out.

But as I tried to reminisce the past, I could remember that I did have made some resolutions (just because it were needed as the teacher said so, and thus ending it never been put into practice). But I also noticed that the things I really wanted to change, have been achieved in the succeeding years even though I never remembered making a single step just to attain that goal. While those that I've been yearning to get, and what I've been putting into practice, didn't seem like having a possible outcome the way I had expected it to have. Funny, huh?

That is why, perhaps, I never vowed to make resolutions to myself every time a new year approaches. Aside from the fact that I was half-thinking that I have this sort of mindset that resolutions are just for children (which is wrong), I guess I learned a lesson from the above experiences of mine. I guess I just don't have to force myself or exert much effort just to get a 'mission impossible' possible, or those which are obviously much higher to aim. Just like what they say, 'You can't aim too high.' (But I tell you, you can if you will! Tsk, tsk...such opposing principles, right?) Well, I just feel that if it is meant to happen, it happens (just like what destiny suggests...?haha)

But hey, I'm not saying that we just depend on luck. I'm also one of those who believed mostly on applying self-discipline and determination to whatever you do so to attain even your most impossible dreams. Perseverance pays a lot.

What I'm really expressing here is, you just have to wait and see. Be patient. You just don't mind the changes that happen around you.

Well, I just hope that by this time, I would make a lot of my resolutions come true