Monday, July 11, 2011

I'll Just Write It In a Song

It's midnight clear and I can't sleep
Still up in bed and wide awake
Holding a pen and a piece of paper
To spill my thoughts so I feel better

This heart won't rest if it can't express
Of what it wants as it says best
The day's enough for the mind to pause
Yet still can't brush away the thoughts

So I'll just write it in a song
About it all that should have known
And I'll just put the melodies along
The lines that hide the feelings that aren't shown

A collage of pictures fill up my head
A web of words that can't be read
It's all about you that I think now
Because why, don't know the reason somehow

But... [Repeat *, **]

I wish I could spell out this odd emotion
And I hope that I could find the right words
Of what I really think
Of what I truly feel
And I pray that someday, somewhere, somehow
You will open the door as it comes to you
The message that it holds from deep within me
That right now I don't have the courage to say...

[Repeat *** 2x]

I'll just write it in a song...

(This is it. I guess I should have made this the earliest.. Before I got the nerves to write and post compositions. Haha. Anyway, this is just another product of me in solitude..feel like writing something the previous night. :p I hope I could finally arrange and put real melodies in here. :D )