Sunday, September 28, 2008


"A life without principles is not worth living." So here are some of my top-of-the-tops treasured self-made, and quoted sayings. Read it, and who knows? It may help you... :-) These are not just for myself but also for the benefit of everybody who may happen to read this.

~Sacrifices have their rewards. Rewards have their sacrifices.
~Save the BEST for LAST.
~Know your LIMITATIONS. Accept your weaknesses. Use your strengths - to benefit mankind.
~Look before you leap! Always weigh things in certain situations before making a decision.
~Don't just decide ONLY for yourself. Think if you're in other person's situation.
~Assume great RESPONSIBILITY. It's your way of getting into maturity.
~Schedule your tasks! Manage your time! And follow your strategic planning most of the time. ~Don't be a PROCRASTINATOR! Or at least avoid being one..
~God gave us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Can't you give Him back just ONE hour for just ONE day?! Go to church and celebrate the Holy Eucharist.
~Show your skills. He gave us talents, it is rightful to enrich it and share it.
~Try to resist temptation. At least try to look at the positive side.
~Ask help. You can't do everything yourself.
~Learn from the mistakes of others. You can't afford a lifetime to learn only from your own. Remember, a mistake is a chance for improvement.
~Follow-up..A mistake uncorrected becomes a double mistake.
~Love your parents. Respect your elders. Befriend your neighbor. They're the ones whom you can turn to when you're down.
~Talk to older people. It will help you become wiser.
~Participate in sensible discussions. Most valuable lessons are learnt outside the four corners of the classroom.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Web Forum[HRM]: An Interview...

Whew! Thinking of somebody whom you know can answer to the question above is a bigGER deal. Especially if you are already making an interview past the deadliest line of the homework. Procrastinator as I may seem, but I've got lessons after the "experience" I had with my task.

This is a hectic week for me. For this is a week of a series of quizzes / exams / technical paper submission / meetings, etc. So I was forced to put off hunting for a personnel / human resource manager whom I could interview with.. until this evening. Having nobody whom I could get an ambush interview with, I decided to try my luck in looking for someone related to the field of human resource management. And guess what? I found myself inside a business-connected chat room in Yahoo! talking with persons who, I guess, misunderstood my question and began eating their hearts out about their hatred to their previous HR managers. Oh my, it's better to log out at once.

I have asked for some ideas about this topic to one of my IT / programming-related chat mate. (He's an IT dept. head, and refuses to give his full identity as well as the company he's in). Fortunately, he was kind enough to give me his opinion regarding this subject. And FORTUNATELY for me because I had finally found somebody sensible enough to give me, at least, answers not too far from my expectations...king

In our conversation, he related the human resource management as represented by the HR manager of the company. The HR manager, being the head of the section, must possess the qualities of a good leader for he manages the most vital part of the company - the working force.

Here are his major points:

HRM plays a very vital role in every company and we can never overlook the role of HRM.
Idea The HR manager should be the one who possesses the qualities of a leader - one who has the power to influence people bringing them together to achieve towards one goal - the company's goal.
Idea In every firm, we have different groups of people having different ideas and ways of doing things. So the HR manager must be skillful enough to handle his group, the conflict-resolver, a fair leader who sets aside discrimination brought about the differences of each individual.
Idea The leader must know to stand his authority - give rewards and punishments when necessary to those employees who deserve to receive such. In addition, he must be a good motivator.
Idea To him, dealing with human resources is a very difficult one because it involves the task of proper dissemination of information to various departments that make up the company. It also involves the task of ensuring that there is harmonious relationship between the individuals in the departments, and giving them the necessary trainings, orientation, etc., for these are the factors to ensure the success of the organization.

I agree with his thoughts, absolutely. Being the head of a certain group/company/organization carries a big responsibility. The authority and power you possess, always have a corresponding obligation.

He added that his concept is almost similar to his boss, although there were no organization perfect enough to play the role he described to me, well, he can manage to be grateful of the way his company's management goes. Very Happy lol! lol!