Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Why You Need To Take Notes

I was in my search for a good image I could use for one of my compositions when I stumbled upon this quote from Judith Campbell. Granting what I am doing and feeling at the moment, I could really say... this is really true.

The mind has great powers, if you knew how to use it well. But you simply cannot deny that there are moments that no matter how you try, your mind seems to object what your heart speaks. In those moments, I should tell, go grab a pen and a paper and spill it all out! You can have a souvenir of the moment and post it as your well-emoted compositions! Haha...

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Words Can't Be Found

Is getting close to you
Worth taking the risk?
Or maybe I was wrong
To hope that you will turn

But you touched my heart somehow
With all the little things unknown
Never hoped that this would show,
A special feeling to keep aglow

What little story could rise
From a line full of life?
There's so much I need to say
And you've had enough to hear at bay

When the heart speaks
Words can't be found
When the beat stops
Will I see you around?

I've seen things that only the blind can see
I've heard music that was never yet played
I've seen sensations here now, not before
I sense something deeper and meaningful
Yet nobody can define what's it this time

And the questions that linger
Are the things I worry about
Holding back is getting harder
And telling is more difficult

I can't bear to lie, no I'm not the type
Admitting is not a fault, but I am scared
Forgive me I'm just too weak to tell the truth
Losing you forever is a thought I cannot hide.

(There are some points in life when you've met a person and realized that you've been touched so deep then...and there are no exact words that could tell how you feel...whichever way around, you were just thankful that a moment like that's another way of have a heart that feels. :)

..another product of me in solitude. Shall I give myself a toast? Haha.)

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