Friday, October 7, 2011

Who's Missing You Now

"Hi there... I miss you...
It's been a long time. We have not talked for quite a while...
I have no updates about you.. Hmmm.
Well...if you need somebody to talk to and share know I'm just here..waiting. And I'd always love to talk with you."



I was making a post on our parish youth apostolate group on Facebook one evening with the first two lines as the original message. It happened that I saw a comment on one of a friend's thread that is from the PYA. It's been a long time (for real) that I wasn't updated about what's happening in the (online) group. And I missed it, though. However, when I was typing the message, I can't help but think again of one passage that I've read was of the same message as above, and that made me ponder of how is it really a "missing feeling" for a dear someone who is more loving and affectionate than one who misses another.

It feels light inside when you know that somebody misses you, right? It makes you feel valued somehow...and it boosts your confidence and worth as a person knowing there are also people who feels glad when you're around. Yet even more for a Father who has great love for His children that He wants all of them especially those who 'have not been with Him' for 'quite a while'..He misses all of us whom He called. And how great it is knowing that there's Someone who misses you and loves you the way He does.

"We love because God loved us first." And He loves us so much that He wants to keep updated of us. Well, we all know that He knows what we do everyday. He even knows it before we do. However, He wants us to 'talk' with Him...tell Him all of the day's work...share every joy and tear...just like a real friend. And that is how prayer is important in everyday life. Prayer is our line of communication to God. It sometimes doesn't need technicalities to pray. Even a simple talk to Him every short moment can be your communication. Just imagine how would you feel if you hear stories from a friend you missed for a long time.

Sometimes we also need to be with silence deep in our hearts to communicate or 'talk' with our dear friend. And he's just there waiting for us...calling for us...and how happy are we who are called by Him, because we feel valued, we feel cared for, and we feel loved.

May this be a message of hope to all youth who are called. :)

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Filipina Beauty and Intelligence in Miss Universe 2011

I'm not so fond of following beauty pageants but having your country in the semi-finals is a thing to be proud of. Bb. Pilipinas-Universe is Shamcey Supsup, who made it as the Miss Universe 2011 3rd Runner Up. One of the judges is also a Filipina, Lea Salonga, an internationally known broadway singer. Last year's representative of the Philippines to the beauty title also made to the finals with Venus Raj as the 4th Runner Up.

Miss Philippines - Shamcey Supsup
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Shamcey is a 25-year-old Architecture Licensure Examination 2010 topnotcher born in General Santos city. She's beauty and brains indeed and a woman of value. She is the only one among the five to answer directly the judge's question without the aid of an interpreter, and for me that's an important thing to consider. Having an interpreter allows a contestant to really able to express her thoughts using her own native language, but it would also give her the advantage to give enough time to think for a good answer. Miss Philippines answered her question with poise and confidence, and the impromptu manner is impressive.

Philippines - Preliminary Competition Gown
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Shamcey's answer to judge Vivica A. Fox's question "Would you change your religious beliefs to marry the person that you love? Why or why not?" was "If I had to change my religious beliefs, I would not marry the person that I love because the first person I love is God, who created me. I have my faith and my principles, and this is what makes me who I am. And if that person loves me, he should love my God, too." As we all know, religion is a debatable topic among many who have their own beliefs and stands. But Miss Philippines just expressed as to what she believes in. The answer was honest and it came out just natural for her who has her own principles and values. 

Philippines - National Costume
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Philippines - Preliminary Competition Swimwear
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This is another feat of victory to the Philippines. Although the crown was not earned by Miss Supsup and most think that she deserves the title, she was able to portray the Filipina strength, beauty, and intelligence and everybody was happy for that.

To Miss Philippines, I congratulate you for doing your best. It's not only yourself but the whole country and the Filipino people that you brought to the international arena.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

What's Wrong with Being Expressive?

Maybe there are friends who can understand our woes and we spill some of our wildest emotions to them. But there are also times when we just feel like keeping silent most of the time or find another outlet...may be through listening to relaxing music and daydream, spend time with the greener fields of nature, shout to the wall, throw stones into the air, or write somewhere in the pages of an old notebook.

Well, this is my style. Just plainly writing some thoughts into scratch papers burning the midnight oil while everybody's gone to sleep ('cause it's more silent and I can concentrate) and start searching for the right words which fits what I want to say. Such a difficult thing when you're lost for words. Haha. But trust me, when you're there, you can make more than one poem.

In my case, they are sorts of poetry pieces supposed to be finalized as songs. Knowing me, I usually can't get a song done because I lack the patience to apply music into it from the beginning until the end part. Another valid reason is that, I'm no professional somebody that can easily do it - correctly (and confidently). The important thing is, I was able to write and knowing there is at least a somebody or some people who might be able to read it and be touched, it just makes me happy.

So why not try it for yourself? Especially if there are things in your mind that you want to speak out? Come on, be a poet of your imagination.

Monday, July 11, 2011

I'll Just Write It In a Song

It's midnight clear and I can't sleep
Still up in bed and wide awake
Holding a pen and a piece of paper
To spill my thoughts so I feel better

This heart won't rest if it can't express
Of what it wants as it says best
The day's enough for the mind to pause
Yet still can't brush away the thoughts

So I'll just write it in a song
About it all that should have known
And I'll just put the melodies along
The lines that hide the feelings that aren't shown

A collage of pictures fill up my head
A web of words that can't be read
It's all about you that I think now
Because why, don't know the reason somehow

But... [Repeat *, **]

I wish I could spell out this odd emotion
And I hope that I could find the right words
Of what I really think
Of what I truly feel
And I pray that someday, somewhere, somehow
You will open the door as it comes to you
The message that it holds from deep within me
That right now I don't have the courage to say...

[Repeat *** 2x]

I'll just write it in a song...

(This is it. I guess I should have made this the earliest.. Before I got the nerves to write and post compositions. Haha. Anyway, this is just another product of me in solitude..feel like writing something the previous night. :p I hope I could finally arrange and put real melodies in here. :D )

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

If You'd Only Knew

What do I get when I would say
I like the way you make me smile
What would you feel when I would tell
You make my day complete.

When you and I had first met
I never thought it would be this way
Thinking all day long about you
Wonderin' if you would drop a call

Because I learned to laugh at your corny jokes
And learned to like your friendly presence
I don't want to think about it differently
But inside me is feeling in glee

Oh how can I discard the thought
If you're the one, well it's not so sure
Didn't want to expect, yes it's true
But I'm hoping that way, if you'd only knew...

(--,) well...this is just another result of some complicating web of words in my head..haha. Wonder when's the right time I could put some music in it..again, intended to make a song and tried to add or enhance a previously woven poem last night but it turned out to be another set of whimsical lines...pardon, this is on-the-spot :)

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Movie Reflection: Pirates of Silicon Valley

Plot Synopsis:

This movie is actually more of a documentary about the men behind the birth and rise of two of the famous computer technology legends - Apple and Microsoft. The story revolves around the experiences and struggles faced and the actions made by Steve Job and Steve Wozniak in Apple Computer Corporation and Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer in Microsoft Corporation with the founding of the companies to what they are now. Basically the film makes an effort in comparing the operations of the two firms and their founders. Several events mostly happened with misadventures in college, the circumstances where the actors had made attempts in building electronic gadgets like the computer, writing its first program, involving it entrepreneurial and advertising schemes of their inventions, that led into pirating schemes and the like. 

My Reflection:

This movie is actually an informative film for me that it tells us the history side of how these two famous names in the field of computer technology stood its way now and how it changed the way life is a long time ago. In the film it actually presented the experiences of the 'big' people or the founders of the company, who are just genius to think and build something they are so interested in, and how did this rivalry between the two came up. Their adventures went on from their computer inventions, loans, publicity, to victory and revolution with bankers, business and employee deals, that eventually led up to some pirating of softwares and conflicts relating to it. Funny how these events are just related when these two parties met, with ideas of pirating softwares, and business threat to each other that eventually had some up-and-down effects on the reputation of the firms. Just imagine the 'rivalry'. ^_^

Movie Reflection: Eagle Eye

Plot Synopsis:

The story revolves around an ordinary guy named Jerry Shaw who has a very ambitious twin brother Ethan who worked for the Air Force and expert in parallel algorithms and quantum electronics. Jerry later found out that his brother is dead. Facing financial problems, he withdrew money from his ATM but was surprised to see a very large sum of money in his account. When he returned from home, he found it is filled with weapons. He then received a call from an unknown woman who instructed him to escape because he is being tracked down by the FBI. Jerry did not believe her and was brought to interrogation by Agent Morgan. The unknown woman made Jerry escaped and made him join with a single mother, Rachel, who was blackmailed by the unknown woman that she will kill her son who is on the way for a band recital if she did not help Jerry escape. The woman helped the two in avoiding the police units through remote controlling any virtual networked device. The unknown woman also blackmailed other people or agents to device an crystal explosive into a necklace which has a sound-based trigger put in Sam's (Rachel's son) trumpet.

The unknown woman is actually a top secret supercomputer called ARIIA (Autonomous Reconnaissance Intelligence Integration Analyst) tasked to gather intelligence all over the world. She thinks that the executive branch is a threat to everyone and that it must be eliminated including the President's cabinet. ARIIA is housed in Pentagon and Ethan, Jerry's brother, was actually a technician who locked down the computer to prevent her plans. ARIIA commanded Jerry to cancel the lockdown and instructed Rachel to eliminate Jerry to prevent the lock from being restored. Rachel was unknowingly given the explosive necklace and was sent to the US Capitol to listen to the President's speech and left to die with his son. The trigge was set to activate when Sam plays a specific note. Jerry was helped by Agent Morgan to reach the capitol and was able to enter while dressed as a capitol policeman. He stopped the explosion before the deadly note by firing his pistol in the air. He was then shot by a confused agent. After the chaos that the ARIIA caused, the Secretary of Defense ordered that there will be no other supercomputer built again because it might be a threat to everyone.

My reflection:

Eagle Eye has such a good plot as its title implies what the supercomputer does. ARIIA follows Jerry everywhere and able to know all his related actions just like an eagle. It was so powerful that it can control networked devices and set off explosions harming civilians. The story tells us something - that sometimes all those computers, machines, gadgets, systems, or anything created so to help, aid, protect us can be the same things that threatens our safety and security.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Movie Reflection: Surrogates

Plot Synopsis:

Surrogates is a story of Agent Greer, an FBI agent who investigates the murder of surrogates. Greer and co-agent Peters investigates the mysterious murder of a college student who is linked to a man who created a surrogate-phenomenon among people. This phenomenon allows people to buy remote-controlled humanoid robots that can interact with the society and allows people to purchase picture-perfect humanoid robots assume their life roles thus enabling them to experience idealized life from the comfort of their homes. The operator of the surrogate cannot feel pain even if their surrogate is harmed or damaged. (Even Greer's wife has a surrogate but they have a tensed relationship due to the death of their son so Greer could not see her beyond her surrogate.) Greer and partner Peters investigates the death of two people killed when their surrogates were destroyed (one was the surrogates' inventor's son). The agents learned that a certain human used a new type of weapon that disabled the fail-safe mechanisms shielding the operator from harm. Greer's chase with Strickland eventually led his surrogate to be destroyed forcing him to interact with the world by his real self. Later Greer learned that the weapon was actually under a government contract by the same company that produces the surrogates. Originally designed to load a virus that would overload the surrogate's systems disabling it, the weapon unexpectedly disables the fail-safe protocols keeping the operator safe, so its prototypes were destroyed but for one. Greer later learned that it was their FBI boss who supplied that weapon to Strickland to assassinate Dr. Canter (who is becoming critical in surrogate use). Unfortunately, Canter's son who was using one of his surrogates was killed instead. Canter was using the weapon and uploads the virus to all surrogates which will destroy them and kill the operators. Agent Greer takes control of Peter's surrogate and insulates the virus so the operators will survive. This made all the surrogates in the world destroyed and people are now on their own again.

My Reflection:

This movie made me realized how harmful technology can be, especially if man has gone to the stage of creating far innovations out of his selfish desires for comfort, convenience and other reasons. Man has created a robot out of himself, and gets it on a remote control living and playing and working as if he was the one doing it. I think the idea for me is just inhuman. As it makes one live life without really on it. So just for the worldly desires. The idea that even when a surrogate is injured or damaged the operator will still be safe seems convincing. Yet what happened in the movie is a precise evidence how it could be dangerous especially when somebody tries to disable the mechanism that protects the operator. It also motivates people to be lazy, by not entirely doing or being in locations or incidents or actions that they are supposed to be in. For me, it plainly disrupts the real essence of humanity

Movie Reflection: I, Robot

Plot Synopsis:

I, Robot starts with a setting in the year of 2035 where people and robots are in the same community, living and interacting like ordinary with the latter as assistants and workers of, and programmed to live and protect their human owners. These robots are created to follow the 3 laws of robotics: (1) A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm; (2) A robot must obey orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the first law; (3) A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the first or second law. A 'robotophobic' homicide detective Del Spooner is sent to investigate on the death of USR (U.S. Robotics) co-founder and scientist Dr. Alfred Lanning who is believed to commit suicide by jumping from the tenth floor of the USR building. Having developed a distrust to robots due to an incident in the past, Spooner suspects the incident as murder. With the unwilling help of robopsychologist Susan Calvin, the detective sets out to find the answers to the mysteries, yet faces attemps to end his life by controlled robots. Although nobody seems to trust his instincts, Spooner thinks the murder is caused by USR's new robots manipulated by supercomputer VIKI (Virtual Interactive Kinetic Intelligence), moreover by an independent, experimental, more human-like NS-5 unit named Sonny.

The NS-5s are under VIKI's control, and begin to impose curfews and prisoning humans in their homes. Spooner and Calvin managed to sneak into the head office with the assistance of Sonny who has not been injected by nanites. VIKI's artificial intelligence begins to evolve and so her interpretation with the 3 laws, that's why she realizes that in order to protect humanity as a whole, some humans have to be sacrificed and some freedoms must be surrendered, since despite the efforts of robots, humans employ means of self-destruction. Lanning having learned from this planning ordered Sonny to kill him, and knowing Spooner is a kind of person who hates robots, used clues to solve the problem. Sonny proves his loyalty to mankind by helping Spooner and Calvin defeat the mad robots and inject the nanites (supposed to be used by Calvin to Sonny) into the computer core, destroying it, and returning all the NS-5's into their basic programming.

My Reflection:

Being a sci-fi film, this did not escape my interest. I,Robot had made me an impression that it's just one of those robotics film and nothing new in the techy story of the mankind-and-machines existence. But hey! Nice film. I begin to wonder 'though, is there anyone else out there who has not developed a dependence upon robots? Just like Detective Spooner? Because it makes me think, that if everyone will seem to be amazed (yes, we're all at these incredibly friendly-talking machines) at these programmed assistants (now who doesn't want assistants anyway?) by robots like these, maybe in the farther future, what VIKI has come to realize might come to reality - that robots, though created to protect mankind, will choose to use (slight) violence and wage wars especially against us who are unconsciously doing imaginative ways of destructing the earth and our kind in spite of the former's best efforts. Surely this film brings an imaginative possibility of robots taking over the rest of the world, just like the underlying concepts and morales of other robotics movie and their stories' conflicts. The idea of having a robot companion who can help with your everyday work fascinates me, especially something as close to clever and almost-human Sonny (who's already psyched). But the idea of, you know, what might happen if these creatures would conflict with your orders, wants or needs, and since they already have intelligence, be it artificial (or maybe someday, scientists will impose more human-like intelligence into these computers), war with these machines is not impossible. And what do we have against these machine-made programmed computers? Especially if we don't know much about how they should be controlled? We have flesh and blood, they have metal chips and wires. Made me think of, do robots have souls too? Would they develop robots with spirits in the future? Haha.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Movie Reflection: Wall E

Plot Synopsis:

WALL-E is a robot whose task is compacting garbage on earth. In a future when man cannot inhabit the earth anymore because of so much trash covering the surface and burying all the plants, humans have fled into a luxurious space cruise ship somewhere in the outer space living with robots who satisfy all their fancy desires. (You can just imagine humans being turned into fat couch potato with unnecessary movements like the everyday walk-and-work that we usually do, since they're just being busy sitting on their operatable couches just chatting on their virtual screens and eating and drinking.) Back on earth, WALL-E (or short for Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class) is just a small robot dedicated with his job of compressing and squeezing tons and TONS of garbage load and piling them up into buildings, and never grew tired of his duty even he's lonely and just have a pet cockroach with him. He has collected odd pieces of trash and decorate it in his home, and even got a VHS tape that eventually taught him about falling in love and holding hands (which made him dream of finding a special someone someday).

Doing his everyday routine of duty, WALL-E then meets a sleek, egg-shaped female robot named EVE (Extra-Terrestrial Vegetation Evaluator) which was sent as a search robot for signs of living which she could report to back in the luxury spaceship Axiom. WALL-E realized love at his new companion EVE. Having shown a discovered seedling by WALL-E, EVE was sent back to space to report on this green thing. WALL-E hangs on with the travel and meets all the humans and robots alike in Axiom, and program-controlled selfish machines who have lost the concepts of what was Earth all about.

My Reflection:

The good thing about WALL-E is that it was able to capture the viewer's attention to the flow of the story without even needing the real dialogues. I mean, the first scenes were not much of talking, yet it can relay the message through its superb stream of actions. And what was really an amazing centerpoint? The romance, dude! Haha. Who would have thought this could be a piece that not just bring the message of how could the ill effects of consumerism might carry us to lazy and tech-dependent blubbery creatures who don't know our real home and existence, yet conveying a uniquely sweet anecdote of how robots fall in love? The love story is just touching. The movie was light and comedic, and one can really enjoy watching this film.

The techie thing related to this reflection was that, the story was able to give precautions to mankind how much garbage (including recyclables and mettalic or nondecomposable) things could destroy the earth. The first scenes which was portrayed made me think of those dirty, rusty, and dusty place that makes my nose itchy and my eyes sore. I couldn't even imagine myself surviving in a world as close or far from that without even seeing a single green thing in my surrounding! How pathetic! And just imagine those real towers and tall buildings of already compacted trash! And those large, LARGER dumps of plain garbage anywhere? Where in the world would that go? I bet WALL-E alone could not pile them up in just one year. Tsk. Anyway, if he's just so inspired, well, I don't doubt the power of love on him. He might be tripling his efforts in gathering those debris. Hehe. That was just plainly amazing, right? The film just relayed that even machines as simple and small as WALL-E could develop a personality and even far - feeling that one emotion that defines the real existence of living on earth - LOVE.

Excellent persistence, Wall-E! :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Make A Stand (CBCP Year of the Youth Official Theme Song)

Make A Stand is the theme song of the double celebration for the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) Year of the Youth and the Episcopal Commision on Youth (ECY)'s 25th Anniversary [December 16, 2010 - December 16, 2011]

I decided to make a repost of this song so more and more people can also have a resource and share this to everyone. Kudos to all young souls!

written and produced by Jude Gitamondoc
interpreted by Daryl Leong
with backup vocals Jean Barbadillo, Eliza Barwado, Don Eguna, Johanna Lavajo, Daryl Leong, Les Paul Pineda, Edison Saynes
arranged, recorded, and mixed by Jad Bantug at 1032 Studios


How long must we sit and wait for a hero?
And how long must we waste today for tomorrow?
To our people that’s lost in the dark
We can be guiding hand, shining star
If we only could see that the hero is here
In our hearts, young as we are…
We can stand and make a stand
Heart to heart and hand in hand
Let that voice out inside
That we can’t keep on hiding
Gotta work to make things work
Gotta change to change the world
‘Cause we cannot deny, we gotta give it a try
We are never too young to come as one
And to make a stand.

Stand firm, be a guiding light to the nation
Stand proud, let's unite in one celebration
With the Power of God from above
We can tell all the world of His love
Standing firm in the faith
Doing all of our work from the heart
We've got to start to make a stand
We can stand and make a stand
Heart to heart and hand in hand
Let that voice out inside
That we can’t keep on hiding
Gotta work to make things work
Gotta change to change the world
‘Cause we cannot deny, we gotta give it a try
We are never too young to come as one
And to make a stand.
For together, we’re strong
Now it won’t be for long
Till we heal this broken land
If we live what we’ve learned
Take this time to take our turn
To make a stand!
Let that voice out inside
That we can’t keep on hiding
Gotta work to make things work
Gotta change to change the world
‘Cause we cannot deny, we gotta give it a try
We are never too young to come as one
And to make a stand.
We can stand and make a stand
Heart to heart and hand in hand
Let that voice out inside
That we can’t keep on hiding
Gotta work to make things work
Gotta change to change the world
‘Cause we cannot deny, we gotta give it a try
We are never too young to come as one
We can make a stand.

Lyrics and .mp3 file can be downloaded here
Video production can be viewed here

Friday, January 21, 2011


This is actually the first time that I succeeded in putting music to a uhm written composition (I'm not sure if it's a poem haha). I have written some poems that are supposed to be songs but I always end up not finding the right notes for them. This was made for the reason that I'm looking for a certain song that we can use for a music video project, and at this moment I have not yet finalized the story flow with the perfect music (in my imagination). Anyway, I better post it here (I'd rather post the lyrics and not the recorded file, coz it's not in good quality) If you know what I mean :-p

G-Em-C-D (2x) -Dsus-D

Please don't be surprised
One day it'll feel so right
I look into your eyes
              D                         Dsus    -    D
And the magic between us starts this nigh..ayy..ytt.

It's obvious, don't deny
I can sense it when you smile
You're just silent, don't react
        D                Dsus - D
But deep inside, I wonder...

Em                                          C
Are we pretending that there's nothing (oooh)
Em                             Am       D-Dsus-D
When there is already something

G-   Em- C          D               
Ooooooh let me hold your hand (and)
G-   Em- C                      D               
Ooooooh just chill there's nothing bad
Am                                         Em
We could be together, I could see this will be better
      Am                                         D (hold)
So drop your fears aside and let's try... (what do you think)
G-   Em- C                          D               
Ooooooh I guess there's no harm in tryin
G-   Em- C                     D               
Ooooooh we don't have all the time
Am                    Em                D - Dsus-D
So let's have the magic carpet ride
Am                 Em                   D - Dsus-D
And chase the rainbows in the sky...
You and I...
You and I...
You and I... [end]

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Knotty Mode Level 1: Submerged in the Depths of Colossal Undertakings

When I begin to calculate how much time taken, needed, and to be spent with finishing iGuide, I began to calculate the time for Fill-N-File, and thinking about it makes me want to code for the forms and the functions, yet I am thinking that tomorrow will be a consultation for Multimedia and I am thinking of finishing the composition (and maybe also imagine the storyflow), but I also thought about finalizing the details of the Future Tech proposal so it will be submitted next week. And oh, this Saturday will be the another reporting of the final topic/s in E-Commerce and probably the proposals for the business plan are expected..

Moral: Before I am able to finish a single task, I realized I have no task finished..because just thinking about managing time for them eats my time. (as in kaunon akong oras! alright?) result -> tulala. stressed. and depressed.

Note: Congrats to me, for posting non-English reflections in my blog. +_+