Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Web Forum[HRM]: a company that has undergone HR downsizing

(Note: This is a reply to a post in Mr. G.'s web forum in our HRM subject: Assignment 3: Visit and identify a company website that has undergone HR downsizing. Identify the cause of downsizing and describe its processes.)

What is downsizing? see http://whatis.techtarget.com/definition/0,,sid9_gci759501,00.html

As I've searched the net for topics related to downsizing, I have come across this particular subject in one of the forums connected to industries and companies. Thanks to Hoovers Business Insight Zone, I have found a subject for my assignment. Very Happy What attracted my attention is a featured telecommunications company (of the day - in the forum) which has, or is, actually experiencing continuous layoffs with its employees.

What I'm talking about is the Alcatel-Lucent, a company that operates in telecommunications equipment sector. According to what I have searched, Alcatel-Lucent took its current form in late 2006, when French company Alcatel plunked down $11.6 billion to buy Lucent in a merger. They agreed in a $13.4 billion deal to combine their productions, creating a company with revenue of $25 billion, 88,000 employees and phone customers across the world. The merging of North America with Central and Latin America in Alcatel-Lucent's sales structure is part of a broader move to simplify the way the company sees the world, splitting it into just two regions: the Americas, and the rest.

But with the 2006 merger, reports said that the $27.5 billion company has posted six quarterly losses and has taken more than $4.5 billion in writedowns, while its stock has plummeted 50%. Despite the efforts of CEO Patricia Russo and her team the misery hasn’t gotten better since the two companies joined forces.

In fact, I've learned that the company has undergone company downsizing and further layoffs after its postmerger financial performance continued to disappoint. As part of the restructuring, the company also announced that it was going to lay off 16,500 employees throughout the country. Well, the lay-off plans were mainly due to the company's three-point plan for restoring the company to profitability.

Last Oct. 31, 2007's news is full of stories on Alcatel-Lucent’s plans to lay off 4,000 employees. Worse than the news is how little surprise it provoked: the company has already announced layoffs of 12,500 people this year, it just reported yet another sizeable loss.

Russo will in future be advised by panel of seven senior executives, down from 11 before. Just two of them are former Lucent employees: Cindy Christy, who will add Central and Latin America to her existing responsibility for North American sales, and John Meyer, head of services, a role he held at Lucent.

Other changes ahead for the company include a tighter focus on products to help carriers transform their networks to an all-IP (Internet Protocol) infrastructure, a move from products to value-added services, and a more streamlined organization with fewer staff in support functions to eliminate post-merger duplication.

Pedini's role in human resources is particularly significant as the company prepares to shed a further 4,000 jobs by 2009, having already cut 3,800 in the first half of this year. Her approach is likely to focus on the numbers -- the company hopes the job cuts will save it a further €400 million -- rather than the people, as she worked for four years as Alcatel's deputy CFO, only taking on the role of vice president of human resources and communications in January 2006.

This June 1, 2008 news said that already 2,000 Lucent employees left the company's 600,000-square-foot Lisle office to work across the street in Naperville. The building on Warrenville Road was more than 50 percent vacant. The move will consolidate 4,100 employees and contractors in the Naperville office.

Meanwhile, the Lisle location will be put on the market. Until 2005, Lucent Technologies also operated in Naperville Woods Office Center on Warrenville Road. The employees at that location were moved to the Naperville/Lisle office as the telecommunications equipment giant suffered losses and enacted companywide downsizing.

Major Source:
Hoovers Business Insight Zone

Online articles:
Update: Poor results at Alcatel-Lucent prompt more layoffs By Peter Sayer, IDG News Service
Oct. 31, 2007

Alcatel-Lucent CFO leaves in management change by Peter Sayer, Wed, 31 Oct 2007
About.com: PC World Computing Center


Saturday, June 21, 2008

Web Forum [HRM]: online job services

[This is a reply to the post in Mr. G.'s forum - Assignment no. 2 : Using the internet, examine five(5) different on-line job services and write a brief evaluation of the services and which do you like best and why.]

I find these online job services interesting. See if you'd also want to experience being:

a Medical Transcriptionist
- produces such documents as patient history, examination reports, discharge summaries, autopsy reports and referral letters to specialists or other facilities of patient care providers who record medical notes, and patient histories into a tape recorder to be transcribed into a hard copy at a later time. Transcriptionists must be knowledgeable of medical terminologies, anatomy, physiology, assessments and more since they may have to clarify inconsistencies in the report.
Arrow With the use of digital playback equipment (recorder), and a word
processing software, it is easy for MTs to work even in home or office (it could be a form of a sideline when you're at home. All you need is an internet connectin and poof! you got a lot of money to earn.)

an Internet Research service provider
- skilled at finding information and know how to use a variety of online databases and sources for increasing number of companies who rely on Internet information sources and databases for information they need.
Arrow Less effort. One can build his/her own website where he can put his advertising space or link other sources on the net to increase his revenue.

a Motion Graphics Designer
- creates animated artwork for a variety of mediums: the internet, television, and movie are a few. Motion Graphics can be seen in commercials, web movie clips, stand-alone presentations, trailers, intros, and post production work for television and movies.
- Must be knowledgeable in Photoshop (one of the best applications to master if you want to excel as a Motion Graphics Designer), Flash, After Effects, Adobe Premier, Final Cut Pro and sometimes Avid training is required. Having an accessible online reel of edited motion graphics work and /or professional Flash movie clips is a plus.
Arrow Great job for an artist who enjoy working online. You could have the chance to be known in making 3D - Multimedia movies in Hollywood someday!

a Desktop Publisher
- electronically design and produce printed materials such as advertisements, brochures and newsletters; create letterheads and business cards, fliers, posters, brochures, and the like.
- needs a good computer with desktop publishing and graphics software, and a fully equipped home office to properly work this job or business at home.

Arrow This job is a rewarding one. It only requires basic design ability and knowledge of word processing and some desktop publishing programs.

a Website Developer / Creator
- Creates a theme-based website that gives detailed information centered around one particular theme or topic. All it takes is a good eye for design, knowledge of website design software and how to create a website, and creativity.
Arrow Hmm, nice job. A freelancer website artist can earn big bucks even while at home or in the office.
These jobs are all exceptionally good, and are home-based. Thus they give benefits for the service provider since these could be in a form of a sideline. If I'm going to rate the five, it would be:
1 - Motion Graphics Designer
2 - Desktop Publisher
3 - Theme-based Website Creator / Developer
4 - Medical Transcriptionist
5 - Internet Researcher

I chose Motion Graphics Designer as my top online job service because of the reason(s) that: I once dreamed to be known in this field of ability; I liked the idea of making animated artworks online - portraying your skill and using it to earn money.

But I understand that I don't have to earn a degree in BS Information Technology just to be that one. Aside from being an IT specialist someday, I have my plans of obtaining certificate programs in digital arts / multimedia / graphic design (for sidelines). Heheheh. lol! rendeer
-Degree Source There are many degrees of success. Find yours today. CAREERS: Job by Description
-Sessions Online School of Design Preparing Design Professionals

Friday, June 13, 2008

Web Forum [HRM]: Job Description

*Re-echo of Assignment 1 in HRM web forum:

Job: Computer/IT specialist/consultant

Someday I want to be an IT specialist/consultant in a well-known IT company. As a graduate of BS Information Technology, my job is to:
-analyze company's IT requirements, teach/train new staff, analyze/design/develop new systems that can be used by the company

with my specialty areas:
- knowledge in programming languages, data communication networks and database designing, also knowledge in computer hardware / software analysis

An IT specialist/consultant should also have:
-the ability to work under pressure
-good interpersonal and leadership skills
-good logical, technical, analytical ability

References (online):
GET, a site from Hobsons
Michigan Civil Service Commission- Job Specification-IT specialist

Web Forum [HRM]: Introduction

Hello world.. I'm Charmaine D. Dayanan, 3rd-yr BS Information Technology student in USEP-Obrero Campus (just in case you didn't know, applicable to "foreigners" in this forum..hehe). Well, I expect that in this subject [Human Resource Management], I will learn more about how it is to manage/direct/control people/human resources(HR) in companies; Wink and of course, hope everybody will pass. I also expect that my instructor will be very helpful in guiding us through this course. So to everyone...wish us all the best in this subject!! rendeer

[This is an echo of what I've posted in the HRM Web Forum]

WeLcomE baCk!! [Blog Entries for Feb, Mar, Apr, May]

Well...hello again! Hmm, long-time-no-see-no-hear huh? :-) I missed YOU ALL!!

So far, it's been quite a long time since I've made my last entry here. Sorry for that, I've got only a li'l time online and most of it are spend on doing programming plates. Tsk, tsk..

But anyway guyz, I promise to catch up with you. [ I SURELY will, PROMISE!!! ] So, rummaging through the webs of my mind (hopefully I still got them) here are some (if not all) of the topics I wish I had already posted in this blog a long time ago...[i'll just sum them up, okay? ^_^]

Look up..

For the month of February:

Love is in the air.. February - the month of love..hearts' month..valentine's month. My apologies for greeting you, bloggers, a belated 'Happy Valentine's Day/Month'.. But I do believe that February is not the only month where we celebrate being in love. Maybe we are just exaggeratedly "in-love" in this time because it is during in this month we see bountiful roses and other flowers being given to our loved ones as gifts alongside with luscious chocolates and candies, love letters, and many, many more. Plus, we see more lovers, family and friends spend momentous time with their special ones. So, even if it's already the first month of school now, let me greet you Happy Hearts' Moment all throughout the year, and may the true virtue of genuine love be with you and your loved ones now and forever...

By the way, I just would like to share the story of Cupid and Psyche in the Greek and Roman mythology for this season of love. It's one of my all-time favorite love stories of all time. The story portrays the virtue of trust and faith which is very vital in love and in any relationship.

I would also like to cite quotations from the Holy Bible for this month... Love verses from the Book of 1st Corinthians. Uh well, how I wish I brought my treasury of quotes this time, but I'm gonna share more of my collections next time.. Buh-bye!

[Love is not love without trust.. - Cupid]

For the month of March..

Marching March.. the time of the year when students celebrate their long-awaited graduation day. Graduates at last! To all newly-grad bloggers out there, congratulations and good luck to you. My salute to all parents who spent their utmost care and love and unending support to their children. This moment is the most anticipated happening to all your sons and daughters for this is the time when students march to the stage to accept their diplomas and awards - the fruits of their labor.

Done are the days of sleepless nights doing homeworks, periods of worrying much about examinations and deadlines, cycles of tight schedules over studies, part-time jobs, and home chores, phases of ups and downs of passing and failing grades, and many more. Good or bad, these are only some of the things we experience in school, the things we live in education. But these experiences make up this unforgettable phase of life we have. Even if we finish our course, even if we're done with our formal education, may we be reminded always of the knowledge we acquired through our teacher's lessons and the adventures we had during our training. Days may be over but may we will never forget how our struggles in the past brought forth the taste of sweet success we had attained right in this moment.

Let these things be always carried in our hearts and in our minds as we go along with our journey through life. Our education is our guide and light to our path that we ought to take in the future. So to all graduates of 2008, I wish you fruitful years ahead. Good luck and God bless to your careers in the future! (^_^)

[Well, I also wish myself the best of all luck. May I graduate in my course as soon as possible. :-) ]

For the months of April and May...

Whew! Summer vacation, finally! I've been always looking forward to this moment - the moment away from school and homeworks, whooo!!!! Hahaha.

Well anyway, since by this time I am editing this blog, let me just recount what happened during my summer vacation... :-)

Hmm, I'm quite occupied during the last 2 weeks of April. Our parish had requested youth volunteers for the annual Youth and Children's Night presentation (that was last April 30). And as a PSB-Coordinator(a youth leader) of our GKK(Basic Ecclessial Community), it is my duty to recruit youth volunteers from our unit to participate in the annual event. Well, to make the story short, I am one of the participants of the Youth/Children's night - as in one of the presentors of the show. Big deal huh?

The theme was "Dance Evolution" and guess what..? Charmaine Dayanan was one of the dancers. Haha, lol. Just imagine me performing on stage. Tsk, tsk. Well, actually, dancing is not my forte. I know how to because I can learn the steps if there'll be someone to teach me. Now, that's the big deal. I can't assure you I'm a graceful dancer but well, I had my dreams of being a performer once. So, being a part of the event is quite, you know, "big deal" for me. Experience, yes, that's it. I've spent nights of bone-breaking nerve-racking stretching during rehearsals and well, it resulted in one absent because of fatigue. Lol. The show had gone well, though. Several nights of rehearsals ended in a few hours of performing during the final show. Tsk. The efforts paid off anyway. We've met new friends.

Last two weeks of May is a period of the GKK's preparation to the Culmination Day of Flores de Mayo. Let me just sum it up. What we have done in the Culmination is a re-echo of what we have done in the Youth Night. This time the performers were just the kids, and WE were the choreographers. Haha. It's fun to know you're sharing your talents to the young generation, you know.

Last June 7, I attended a Youth Environment Seminar spearheaded by the Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) Federation of our Barangay (Matina Pangi) though the Green Brigade program. It was uhm, one of the 'experiences' in summer, coz it was held in Vista Grande Resort somewhere in Catalunan Grande, Davao City. It's a wonderful experience learning to care about nature and having fun. After the lecture (seminar), we had our moments in the pool. New friends, new knowledge, food free-of-charge, souvenir items - Green Brigade tshirts, pledge (I was elected as Team Leader of the Membership Committee) signature, etc's what I've got. (^_^)