Friday, October 7, 2011

Who's Missing You Now

"Hi there... I miss you...
It's been a long time. We have not talked for quite a while...
I have no updates about you.. Hmmm.
Well...if you need somebody to talk to and share know I'm just here..waiting. And I'd always love to talk with you."



I was making a post on our parish youth apostolate group on Facebook one evening with the first two lines as the original message. It happened that I saw a comment on one of a friend's thread that is from the PYA. It's been a long time (for real) that I wasn't updated about what's happening in the (online) group. And I missed it, though. However, when I was typing the message, I can't help but think again of one passage that I've read was of the same message as above, and that made me ponder of how is it really a "missing feeling" for a dear someone who is more loving and affectionate than one who misses another.

It feels light inside when you know that somebody misses you, right? It makes you feel valued somehow...and it boosts your confidence and worth as a person knowing there are also people who feels glad when you're around. Yet even more for a Father who has great love for His children that He wants all of them especially those who 'have not been with Him' for 'quite a while'..He misses all of us whom He called. And how great it is knowing that there's Someone who misses you and loves you the way He does.

"We love because God loved us first." And He loves us so much that He wants to keep updated of us. Well, we all know that He knows what we do everyday. He even knows it before we do. However, He wants us to 'talk' with Him...tell Him all of the day's work...share every joy and tear...just like a real friend. And that is how prayer is important in everyday life. Prayer is our line of communication to God. It sometimes doesn't need technicalities to pray. Even a simple talk to Him every short moment can be your communication. Just imagine how would you feel if you hear stories from a friend you missed for a long time.

Sometimes we also need to be with silence deep in our hearts to communicate or 'talk' with our dear friend. And he's just there waiting for us...calling for us...and how happy are we who are called by Him, because we feel valued, we feel cared for, and we feel loved.

May this be a message of hope to all youth who are called. :)

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