Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Love Story

Perhaps you knew the following names of couple that this story will tell. For their names, although not heard all year round, are written in the old books of tales and histories of famous Greek and Roman mythology. I chose to post their story in this blog because for me, it is the best love story of all times. (",) I was able to read this years ago and still, the memory of the details on how their story goes is still memorable. (In fact, I was tasked to report the story in mythology class way back high school. :-) ) But what made this story special to me is that, a reader may be able to convey simple yet striking truths about love in this special story. May the lessons that it want to bring be imprinted in our minds and hearts. Enjoy reading!

Please click on the image to read the story.

Love is not love without trust. And trust will never find its roots if we are too hard to forgive, and too revengeful in not giving those we love a second chance.