Friday, January 21, 2011


This is actually the first time that I succeeded in putting music to a uhm written composition (I'm not sure if it's a poem haha). I have written some poems that are supposed to be songs but I always end up not finding the right notes for them. This was made for the reason that I'm looking for a certain song that we can use for a music video project, and at this moment I have not yet finalized the story flow with the perfect music (in my imagination). Anyway, I better post it here (I'd rather post the lyrics and not the recorded file, coz it's not in good quality) If you know what I mean :-p

G-Em-C-D (2x) -Dsus-D

Please don't be surprised
One day it'll feel so right
I look into your eyes
              D                         Dsus    -    D
And the magic between us starts this nigh..ayy..ytt.

It's obvious, don't deny
I can sense it when you smile
You're just silent, don't react
        D                Dsus - D
But deep inside, I wonder...

Em                                          C
Are we pretending that there's nothing (oooh)
Em                             Am       D-Dsus-D
When there is already something

G-   Em- C          D               
Ooooooh let me hold your hand (and)
G-   Em- C                      D               
Ooooooh just chill there's nothing bad
Am                                         Em
We could be together, I could see this will be better
      Am                                         D (hold)
So drop your fears aside and let's try... (what do you think)
G-   Em- C                          D               
Ooooooh I guess there's no harm in tryin
G-   Em- C                     D               
Ooooooh we don't have all the time
Am                    Em                D - Dsus-D
So let's have the magic carpet ride
Am                 Em                   D - Dsus-D
And chase the rainbows in the sky...
You and I...
You and I...
You and I... [end]

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Knotty Mode Level 1: Submerged in the Depths of Colossal Undertakings

When I begin to calculate how much time taken, needed, and to be spent with finishing iGuide, I began to calculate the time for Fill-N-File, and thinking about it makes me want to code for the forms and the functions, yet I am thinking that tomorrow will be a consultation for Multimedia and I am thinking of finishing the composition (and maybe also imagine the storyflow), but I also thought about finalizing the details of the Future Tech proposal so it will be submitted next week. And oh, this Saturday will be the another reporting of the final topic/s in E-Commerce and probably the proposals for the business plan are expected..

Moral: Before I am able to finish a single task, I realized I have no task finished..because just thinking about managing time for them eats my time. (as in kaunon akong oras! alright?) result -> tulala. stressed. and depressed.

Note: Congrats to me, for posting non-English reflections in my blog. +_+