Monday, January 14, 2008

HeLLo wOrLd!! Welcome 2008!

Happy New Year! 2008...the year of the earth rat. Another year, a brand new time to change, a brand new chance for improvements.

Most of us are equipped with new year resolutions that we've planned to do in the coming year. And well, admit it or not, almost all of our resolutions in the past did not come out as what we had expected them to be, right? :-) Because mostly humans tend to forget what they had vowed to do or undo in the year more or less 7 days after new year celebration. Whew! Humans! (and I'm not denying that I'm not one of those who break their resolutions, huh?! haha)

But anyhow, we must then set goals for ourselves this new year. It would further help us make better persons if we would look forward to changes in our habits. Good or bad, there must be some real improvements. Experts say that in order to make those resolutions of ours be put into action and be effective, there must be some initial steps to be taken so to assure that these resolutions will be carried out.

But as I tried to reminisce the past, I could remember that I did have made some resolutions (just because it were needed as the teacher said so, and thus ending it never been put into practice). But I also noticed that the things I really wanted to change, have been achieved in the succeeding years even though I never remembered making a single step just to attain that goal. While those that I've been yearning to get, and what I've been putting into practice, didn't seem like having a possible outcome the way I had expected it to have. Funny, huh?

That is why, perhaps, I never vowed to make resolutions to myself every time a new year approaches. Aside from the fact that I was half-thinking that I have this sort of mindset that resolutions are just for children (which is wrong), I guess I learned a lesson from the above experiences of mine. I guess I just don't have to force myself or exert much effort just to get a 'mission impossible' possible, or those which are obviously much higher to aim. Just like what they say, 'You can't aim too high.' (But I tell you, you can if you will! Tsk, tsk...such opposing principles, right?) Well, I just feel that if it is meant to happen, it happens (just like what destiny suggests...?haha)

But hey, I'm not saying that we just depend on luck. I'm also one of those who believed mostly on applying self-discipline and determination to whatever you do so to attain even your most impossible dreams. Perseverance pays a lot.

What I'm really expressing here is, you just have to wait and see. Be patient. You just don't mind the changes that happen around you.

Well, I just hope that by this time, I would make a lot of my resolutions come true