Wednesday, October 31, 2007

the time has come...

...before i let u go
i want to say..
i love you...

I have learned to be competitive,
I have learned to be confident,
I felt the need to prove myself,
to show to them all that I'm extraordinary,
that I am someone worthy to be proud of.
I know I deserve it, but things did not turn out as expected to be...
same with my other group mates.

If there are things that I should be thankful for
one of those are the moments that I have spent with my colleagues.
I 've known them for not so long
That was only for a short time, yet
those times we shared were extraordinarily beautiful.
But the time has come that our companionship would end
And God, how I miss them...
How I miss those times of laughter and friendly talks,
those times we feel we have to be together for a 'purpose'
yeah, those times...
Now, only the chosen few were given the chance
to continue their journey.
Unfortunately not all of us can join them,
unfortunately I'm not one of them.
And yet, this time has come that we'll find no justifiable reason
to gather, to be together...
The end has come. We have to part ways and go back to our
original lives..turn our back to the 'thing' that kept us busy
these last few days...the 'thing' that made us united...the 'thing'
that made us friends...

Well, we know that even this time has come, it wouldn't be
the reason we shouldn't be together
for we will remain as friends forever
I can feel it...But I know that things won't be the same as they were.

As for the friendship, I will remain to be..'boRdZ..forever.'
To you, guyz, thanks for the memories. I'm looking forward to the day when we'll be together again.

I've learned so many lessons...and finding these friends is the most unforgettable.
I just want to be grateful of the opportunity, anyway. For I have given the chance to express
myself, to be a part of the whole...

Monday, October 22, 2007

..jUsT a rEfLecTioN

...sometimes you just have to be hurt again
so you can be stronger..
...sometimes you just have to be torn into pieces
so you can be whole again..

whatever will be the result
I'll accept it, I promised to myself...
I just don't want to think so much about it
it'll just hurt me more.

I just need to focus to my other priorities
there are still a lot of reasons to live, anyway
I just have to admit that
it's not that easy, yeah...
But I must not spend so much time
just for this..
Well, maybe I just have to 'think things over' too,
but I must move on...

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Optimism toward Success in One’s Self

(This is my piece when we had our final exam-speech (public speaking) in our English subject.)

An old French proverb says, “Life is half spent before one knows what life is.” Do you agree? Especially of what comes into mind when we speak of living the purpose to achieve success in life.

Most often the standards for success are measured by the level of education we have attained, the amount of money we have in the bank, the size of our house, or how much material possessions we own. But I know all of us here are not those quite immature to think that the measure of success is not only limited to that. It is something more. It’s the feeling of satisfaction inside you, that somehow a certain hole and longing in your heart was filled and met.

But somewhere along the course of life, there are barriers which hinder us from taking big steps towards our goals in achieving our dreams to the way of success in life. These are our daily trials that take away from us the courage and cheerfulness to live life to the fullest.

Yes, many of us are old enough to think and to accept that that is all part of living. We may even have searched for the things that would make our world go round, people who would inspire us to do the least impossible. You may have begun finding the purpose why you’re here.

But there are times that even how hard you try your best is not enough. No matter how far you went for something you wanted, still the results of your sacrifice are not worth it. No matter how great your efforts are, still the outcomes are disappointing, still you fail.

And these failures are so hard for you to accept, so painful to feel, so agonizing to think over. That is why you avoid making mistakes, right? Because you don’t want regrets – you hate failures. And failures only push you to make one step backward to correct your faults, so you won’t have to suffer the ill consequences that would make life more difficult. So discouraging, isn’t it?

But the questions are: have you ever found the guts to stand up again, take another step, when you fall down? Have you tried your best once more, squeezed the most excellent part out of yourself, again? Have you took those hardships as challenges that would push you to go, get inspired, and work it out? Have you found the courage to try and the faith to believe in yourself after those great challenges had made its way upon you?

If not, then, you have not made a step to recover from your depressions.

Man, by nature, is weak – emotionally, I should say. It is but natural for us to feel miserable whenever hardships come along.

But I must tell you – you must not think that you have an excuse for being weak. Yes, you are but human. But bear in mind that you also have the ability of a real, brave man – one who is afraid yet willing to take any risk. You have the capability to see things on the brighter side – if you choose to be. You have the choice. And you must rather choose it. For if you will not, you are not helping yourself. You will not find the true meaning of success in life if you have not seen the real essence of success – of gaining victory over your own misery.

You must learn to stand again after you’ve fall down; to fight again after losing the battle; to reach out, and to think that there are still a hundred reasons to live; to turn your face toward the light, be optimistic, but with sense. You know your limitations. But God has given you a great mind to control your emotions, to convince your self, to overpower your fears, to make the impossible possible – if you want to, if you will just believe in yourself. And you will triumph over your weakness. You will be successful.

And so I leave you with this final thought. Don’t go home and think about it. You have a golden opportunity to change your life. Do it now.


Remain fresh and original

Saturday, October 6, 2007

hmm....feels guD to bE baCk!!


after 48 years...i've visited this blog again.. (-_-)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

..feels good to be back...i should say..

(a sequel to understanding humanities...artz..jeje)
..and so..I found myself at Carzone internet cafe..(actually, this cafe is quite 'memorable' to me...or to us...because when we were still in high school, we've spent in d-a-y-s logging in for a certain project (related to powerpoint) and well, the people in charge of the cafe already know me and my classmates by our faces since we've been coming in and out of the place over and over again..(dd u get it? (".))

and oh,'s been a long time since i last visited the place but when i had no other choice where to make my humanities: arts encoding, i went to carzone...well, i thought they hadn't changed their rate of P20 per hour, but they really had it P15 this time. (^_^) (what's funny?)

almost the same atmosphere..not so many users inside since it's sunday...
surprisingly (or not), while I was busy typing my arts proj and 'jumping' from one window to another (because I had this posting of blog and checking of mails while typing...(^_^)jeje) a person sort of kinda spoke said something which caught my his words, i can tell that he was actually referring to me...ah, seryosoha niya sa iya skul ui..and when i turned to see him, the person was actually one of those who were in charge of the cafe when we were still in high school. He asked me how's college..and so on...but we didn't have a long time to talk since i was busy typing and he was roving around the cafe.

One may think there's nothing of great deal here. But we sometimes don't realize that there are really people who, even they don't know you that much, and they really aren't that close to you, can still remember and recognize you even years may pass. I thought I was the only one who's thinking of was Carzone going on right now? Do the persons in charge of the cafe are same people supervising now? Cause I noticed different faces in the server when I first walked in. But well, for how many years...they still were able to recognize their 'avid' customer in the old days... (^_^) May God bless them..

in the old days...

(^_^) ..and so..I found myself at Carzone internet cafe..(actually, this cafe is quite 'memorable' to me...or to us...because when we were still in high school, we've spent in d-a-y-s logging in for a certain project (related to powerpoint) and well, the people in charge of the cafe already know me and my classmates by our faces since we've been coming in and out of the place over and over again..(dd u get it? (".)) and oh,'s been a long time since i last visited the place but when i had no other choice where to make my humanities: arts encoding, i went to carzone...well, i thought they hadn't changed their rate of P20 per hour, but they really had it P15 this time. (^_^) almost the same atmosphere..not so many users inside since it's sunday... surprisingly (or not), while I was busy typing my arts proj and 'jumping' from one window to another (because I had this posting of blog and checking of mails while typing... ^_^ jeje) a person sort of kinda spoke said something which caught my his words, i can tell that he was actually referring to me...ah, seryosoha niya sa iya skul ui..and when i turned to see him, the person was actually one of those who were in charge of the cafe when we were still in high school. He asked me how's college..and so on...but we didn't have a long time to talk since i was busy typing and he was roving around the cafe. One may think there's nothing of great deal here. But we sometimes don't realize that there are really people who, even they don't know you that much, and they really aren't that close to you, can still remember and recognize you even years may pass. I thought I was the only one who's thinking of was Carzone going on right now? Do the persons in charge of the cafe are same people supervising now? Cause I noticed different faces in the server when I first walked in. But well, for how many years...they still were able to recognize their 'avid' customer in the old days... (^_^) May God bless them..

understanding humanities...artz...grrr


oh yeah! we've got another assignment..uh..shall i consider the term 'assignment'? maybe 'project'..? or i think it would be appropriate if i will tag it as another 'burden'...ajejeje

Well, nothing's big deal over here (i think (-_-). Our professor
just required us to make an outline of topics of almost half (or i think more than half?) of the book...chapters 7-12..tsk..tsk.. and imagine scanning for some important facts over and over and then retyping it on the computer. That's sooo laborious, huh?! And to think I don't have a PC at home...grrr... I've experienced scouting for some 'cheaper' internet cafes where I could type the continuation of my so-called 'project'..sad thing is...we're given only a few days only to do it..tsk..tsk.. (-_-)

to anyone concerned...?'s been a long time since I've been surfing the net (impatiently!) for some website (or something..?) where I could get flute keys or chords of songs that I like..

The question is.. is there an existing site..? uh-oh, I wish finding it would be as easy as searching some guitar chords and lyrics on the net..(yeh, there are so many..) well, it said that axti is undergoing repair..
where shall i go?

could u help me..? (",)

Song: OnLy LoVe..

This is one of my fave songs.. Uhm, it's actually one of the pieces that I like to play with Flutey (my kingflute) (^_^) ohh, yeah, i've got the guitar chords here.. I wish I could play this with Crescent sooner or later.. (^_^)

intro: Am F G C Dm G C

Verse 1:
Am F G C
Two a.m. and the rain is falling
Am F G C
Here we are at the crossroads once again
You're telling me you're so confused
Em Am
You can't make up your mind
Is this meant to be
You're asking me.


But only love can say
Em Am
Try again to walk away
But I believe for you and me
E Am
The sun will shine one day
So I'll just play my part
Em Am
And pray you'll have a change of heart
But I can't make you see it through
G Am
That something only love can do

Verse 2: the same as verse 1

In your arms as the dawn is breaking
Face to face and a thousand miles apart
I've tried my best to make you see
There's hope beyond the pain
If we give enough, if we learn to trust


But only love can say
Try again to walk away
But I believe for you and me
The sun will shine one day
So I'll just play my part
And pray you'll have a change of heart
But I can't make you see it through
That something only love can do

I know if I could find the words
To touch you deep inside
You'd give my dream just one more chance
Don't let this be our last good-bye

But only love can say
Try again to walk away
But I believe for you and me
The sun will shine one day
So I'll just play my part
And pray you'll have a change of heart
But I can't make you see it through
That something only love can do
That something only love can do...

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Nature's View

The verdant hills of the mountainsides doesn't seem to draw a little sense of excitement from her, contrary to what she feels every time she would have to be in a trip like this. Usually, the sight of the grassy plains decorated with bright, colorful flowers, the white, puffy, cotton clouds floating freely in the blue sky just above the mountains, and the soft, cool breeze of fresh country air, always had a refreshing impact to her who oftentimes leave the busy city life for some quiet places where she could organize her ideas freely. But every time seems like pale now – shadows of gray figures – colorless and unlively – almost like her.

Dyan is fond of taking trips to the suburbs, spend time with nature as much as she's greatly inclined in writing and in film and photography. It was her habit of taking videos or photographs of places where she's gone through documenting videos for her film studies. Dyan is a film and photography major art student in one of the city's topmost art universities. Ever since she was a child, she had seen in her the potential of becoming an artist. Aside from her interest in taking videos and capturing images, she is also passionate in music and in writing. These are her favorite hobbies, and she's happy doing her work. She had always been known to be cheerful and energetic and inspired by her endeavors. She gives her best in everything especially in her studies because she doesn't want anything to go into waste. Not until later.

The train is traveling along the road as thoughts of the recent incidents came rushing to Dyan's mind. She was on her way at the corridor to the faculty office in their school where she would check in the results of their semi-finals. They were asked to submit a documented video and write a term paper about it. The project was quite long-term though, and like typical plates given to students who got headaches because of tons of homeworks to do. Dyan was able to manage to pass it on time, about two days ago. The requirement was, big deal, of course. If anyone gets passed, he/she will have the chance to proceed to the next level, furnish his/her work, and eventually get into the finals, where they will get excellent grades and other scholastic benefits. Dyan was confident that she would make it. She had given her best as much as she wanted a slot in the finals.

When everybody had a chance to view the scores, at least it was her turn to see the professor's verdict. But hell as it is, it didn't turned out right. Unexpectedly, Dyan was one of those who didn't have a favorable remark from their teacher. Dyan reviewed the results over and over again. It was an incomplete mark.

“How could this be?!”, exclaimed Dyan. She even asked the professor's secretary, also the one in-charge of the posting of the tally board. But unfortunately for her, she couldn't get a justifiable explanation about her project's fate. “The professor was on his vacation leave. He just left a note for everybody about your projects. He wouldn't be here 'till the next month. He also informed me that to those who got INC, you have four weeks to comply, and for those who failed, either you make another one or re-enroll the subject..” informed the stern-looking secretary who, just like their middle-aged professor, is a great pain in the neck for students like her. Grumbles from her fellow classmates overwhelmed the office. Like her, they were blasted with bad luck for the rest of the day, and like her, poor souls demanded somewhat an explanation for this biased verdict. Crushed by the unanticipated circumstance, which eventually ruined her whole day, or week, Dyan was left with no choice but to restart all over again.

The sudden stop of the train and the slight commotion inside brought back Dyan to reality. She heard murmurs of the other passengers and the rising voices of the train operator and the conductor who seem like having a misunderstanding. Dyan looked outside the window. They were in a remote village of what seemed like a far-off land from the center of the town. Several passengers were already standing. The train operator announced something for them. It seems that the train got a problem with its machine. And that they don't know how to fix it for it would take a long time.

"We're terribly sorry for what happened. We won't be able to reach our destination right now. We can't fix this problem for a couple of hours so we have to unload all passengers and call in for some help." the train operator informed. "We deeply apologize for the inconvenience. Rest assured that the emergency train will fetch us here but we're not sure if it would come the next 48 hours or so," the assistant operator added. "..don't worry, there are several inns in this place which could be used temporarily by stranded passengers," the train operators kept assuring the complaining passengers, who got their way down the train and started to scout for some good place where they could settle in for awhile. Dyan was one of those who picked up their luggages and went with the flow.

Tsk, I can't believe that bad luck even followed me here, she thought. She was all alone in this journey and haven't prepared much except for her ever-reliable videocam, laptop, pen, memo pad, and several items she brought with her personal belongings. She left her cellular phone for she doesn't want to be disturbed during this travel. Good thing she's a scout. She has brought with her several clothes in her backpack just in case she would think of extending her stay. She always do this whenever she have a trip like this. Her uncle once told her that they had a property near Sta. Cruz and it's a nice place for anybody who want to spend solidarity with nature, and that they have good-natured townsfolks. Students also go there when they have some expedition for their study. That is where Dyan would like to go. But this time, she have not really prepared for this unexpected incident.

Well, what a luck! She wasn’t able to get a favorable mark for her major project, and has to start all over again, and that means doubling her already-surpassing efforts. She went to a place where she hoped to find a place of solitude and might eventually find a desirable place for documenting her assignment

Dyan found herself walking by the roadside not sure where to go. She just let her footsteps bring her to a place where she could not think of anything bothering her. Dyan was in deep thoughts when she bumped into something – or somebody.

"Hey - ," they stared at each other for awhile. The guy's eyes seem to scrutinize her being.

"Ahm..ehem!" Dyan managed to utter and suddenly became mindful of her composure. Maybe this guy thinks I'm weird, she thought, then her eyes caught sight of the guy's baggages by his side.

"Excuse me, Miss? Are you..alone or something?" the guy asked, still looking at her and her belongings.

Dyan too, became wary, began to look around the place. There are only several people who seldom pass by the street. Maybe this guy's also a passenger from the train, she told herself. But he seem harmless.

"Uh, are you..from the train?" Dyan cared to ask. The guy, who was kinda fixing his backpack paused. "You're also from the train, miss?"he asked. Dyan nodded.
"Do you know somebody here? I you know about a certain place where we could temporarily stay? At least..well, uhm..for a day..or until the next rain stops..?"inquired Dyan to the guy who just remained quiet and seem so busy arranging his stuff.

"You know what?! This place is quite dangerous for lone strangers especially for a lady like you," said the guy with a trace of threat in his tone, who then picked up his baggage and started to hike to an unknown direction without looking back at Dyan.

Startled by what he said, Dyan followed the guy. "A-are you serious? Ahm..can I...I don't know where to go. I'm alone in this travel. I don't know anybody here. Can I...go with you?" appealed Dyan.

The guy stopped and turned to face her, and said, " don't know me, and I don't know you either. I have some business on my own and I don't have much time to spend it with you."

“But please - “ Dyan pleaded. They already noticed several people watching at them.

“Look, you're not my responsibility. I'm afraid what might my folks would say if they'd know I'm tagging along a lady with me in our place. Anyway, why didn't you have someone to fetch you when you know you're going your way here? What do you think, you're a tourist and there are servants who will meet you?! This is not - “the guy readily explained.

Dyan, shocked by the guy's exposition, replied, “But I'm not requiring you to take care of me, my custody or what. I'm not your responsibility either. I mean...what I really want is...I'm just reaching out for help..can you...accompany me to a house or somewhere where I could stay in for a while? Perhaps you have some friends here who can help me - “

“Why on earth are you traveling alone, without a company, stranded in a place, no place to go and call for help...?!” replied the agitated guy.

“Hey, mister?!” Dyan, who cannot stand the frantic guy, defended herself raising her tone,”I came here for an important reason and not just hanging out like what you think. I'm supposed to arrive at the right destination to where i should be but that train suddenly got wrecked and I'm one of those unfortunate people who got stranded in this place, got it?!”

The guy was stunned and stared Dyan for a moment. Dyan too, was shocked by her words.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that," Dyan realizing her outburst, bowed her head.

The guy too, felt silent. "I'm sorry, too. I shouldn't have judged you in the first place. Sorry for being disrespectful. I know I should be the one to blame," said the guy apologetically.

A few seconds of silence passed. Dyan was the first to break it. " now? Can I uhm..ask for a favor?"she said.

The guy smiled sheepishly, "Well, uh...yeah, sure. I think," he said. "By the way...I'm Luke." the guy reached out his hand to Dyan.

Dyan too, shook hands with him. "Just call me Dyan." And they both smiled.

Luke told Dyan that he has a friend who lives near the place. He has just got something important to do in the city and went home then. Dyan also related why and how did she got there. She told him that she's up to a certain project and that she's going to stay at the village for a couple of days for she has decided to spend her time there and document her project.

Luke agreed to let Dyan stay there with their friend's inn for the duration of time she will have to stay and make her project. Dyan was so thankful then, to Luke and to his friend, Pete. While in her stay at the Bostonville, she readily felt at home with nature. The place was so beautiful and relaxing, and it really made a good venue for her to make her project because of the nice sceneries and a nice place for contemplation.

While in the garden near the grassy plains where Dyan was capturing photographs and documenting videos for her project, and Luke was with her, Dyan couldn't help but express her fascination about the place. "Wow, this is really amazing. Such a nice spot in the world!" said Dyan, closing her eyes and extending her arms, feeling the cool air that seem to wash away the pains and heartaches in her. Luke was just intently looking at her who seems like a child free as a bird, feeling like it was just the first time she saw the world.

"I'm not even aware a kind of world like this exists." Dyan softly said.

Luke, sensing a tone of sorrow in Dyan's words, asked, "Why? Was there a problem outside? Are you just turning your back for some heartfelt pain? Escaping from the real world of complications and heartaches?"

Dyan, paused for a while, thinking of the past incident. "I'm used to giving out my best. All that I got, in all that I do. I really loved my work. And I value it so much. I'm not used to accept my failures for I feel I don't deserve it."Dyan sighed, then continued. "My life revolved around my family, friends, my studies. I value my education as much as I value my family. I grew up to be an achiever."

Luke, who got carried away by her story, listened intently. "That project was a big deal. Very big deal. Tsk. I felt it was my stepping stone for my bright future. I've always wanted a slot in the finals. It's not just all about the grade, the prize, or the fame. It's something more." Dyan looked at Luke. "Unfortunately, I was not able to make it. I don't know why. Well, maybe I've expected much." Dyan felt her tears building up. "I told myself that I won't have a failure. I won't have an INC mark. I've always wanted my family to feel proud of me. Even if there are times when we find it hard to go to school because of some financial problems, they really try to send us to school no matter what. If I'm going to lose this, what is there to look forward to in my life? Is there a reason for me to face my family? My self? This is my reason why I keep on fighting. I don't want to fail."

Luke, able to relate her worries, patted Dyan on her back. "Actually, there are just more to live than just what you think."

Dyan, suddenly got intrigued by Luke's tone, asked "W-Why?" She was kinda stupid to ask that but it was the only thing she managed to utter.

Luke sat beside Dyan and began to assure her not to worry. "You know what? There are some people who are in need, those who live in impoverished villages, do not have something to eat or drink, do not have clothes to wear." he said.

"Yeah, I got your point. But mine is a different thing - " Dyan told Luke.

"Dyan,"interrupted Luke. "I know. We have dissimilar problems for we don't exactly have the same trials in life that we experience. But what I want you to know is, you're not alone. And you don't have to feel like one."

Dyan stared at Luke, wondering what could be the real thing that he wanted to express. Luke continued, "We, people here in this village just live a different yet simple life compared to yours in the city. Some don't have proper education like what you have, don't even know their direction in life. But they still live like nothing's bothering them even if there are things they need to heed and pay attention to." he said.

"I don't have much proper education like what you have right now. I don't have the freedom like you have. Sometimes I feel like I don't deserve to be born into this dry, empty world. I don't know my worth. For what I am borne to? I don't see my future. You're lucky you have plans for yourself.." said Luke emotionally.

Dyan, though, somewhat had a realization by what Luke have told her. She realized that, yes, she's lucky, still damned lucky. She has a good family, proper education, has goals to be achieved in life. It was stupid of her to think that she has in a worse situation. Yes, Luke had a point. There are still a hundred reasons not to quit.
* * *
Days passed and Dyan was on her way to finishing her project. Luke was always there to assist her. At last, it was for her to leave.

While packing her stuffs, Dyan and Luke couldn't help feeling lonely. A few hours will go and the train will arrive. Dyan would be going back to the city. This would mean that she will be leaving the Bostonville and, probably will not be returning again to this secluded area.

"Will this be the end?" Luke asked.

Dyan remained silent, staring at the hills in a distance. "I don't know." she replied. "But even if this would be the last time we'll see each other, I won't forget how you were able to help me, how you touched my life, and changed my view about life," Dyan said, with a smile trying to be cheerful.

"Thanks for giving me advice. For the short time I've stayed with here, I've learned something from you, "she added.

"I hope time would come that our roads will meet again." replied Luke smiling. But his sad smile didn't escape Dyan's eyes. "C'mon, the train would be leaving soon." And so, they started off for the rail.

As Dyan climbed off the train, she turned back to see Luke even for the last time. Also to the place who provided her the shelter she had wanted to, and to the people there who welcomed her with all their heart. At last it was time for the train to leave. Dyan bid goodbye to her friends, especially to Luke who made a great impact to her life. While the train is traveling, Dyan admired the lovely sceneries of nature. Everything now is of vibrant shine to her – beauteous and appealing, colorful and lively. Now she felt she has something worth fighting for, she now understood the value of every pain and heartache. And she felt she now have the ability to turn her every weakness into strength. She now felt the overwhelming feeling of being revived. Now is a new life. She smiled.

* * *

"Great job, Miss Villa! You got the top slot in the finals. You will now have the opportunity to be one of our school's candidates for scholarship at St. Nicholas' School of Arts, the world-famous school of film and photography. Aside from that, you have the chance to carry advance loads in your course, and some other scholastic benefits!" the professor announced enthusiastically to Dyan as she went to the faculty office for she was being called by their instructor. Dyan couldn't believe what she heard. She? Got the top rank in the finals? Wow, i-it's amazing... her mind couldn't resist the good news.

"I'm proud of you as my student, Dyan. I guess I was not wrong to give you an INC mark," her professor said, laughingly. Dyan’s eyebrows met, a little confused. "I was just testing your skills, though, on how far can you go. And you proved me right. You really are a talented young woman," added her professor.

"T-Thank you, sir. I can't believe I made it this far." Dyan managed to say, still overwhelmed by the results. She was so happy and thanked God for the really good news. She was very glad and excited to tell her family and friends about it. Especially Luke.
* * *
Dyan was on her way riding a train to the Bostonville. She planned to stay there for a short vacation and of course, to tell Luke the outcome of her project and to thank him personally.

Pete and his folks happily met Dyan on the road. They were surprised to see her back yet glad for she remembered to visit them back there. Dyan too, felt the same joy for seeing them again.

"By the way, where's Luke?" Dyan asked.

Pete and his sister Nina paused and exchanged glances with each other, a look of bewilderment in their faces. Dyan's eyebrows met. "W-Why?" she asked.

"Uhm..Dyan...Luke's not here. He's gone." he uttered.

Dyan couldn't get what Pete really mean spoke, " you..mean?"

Pete gave a meaningful look at Nina who, excused herself and urged the others to go outside and unpack Dyan’s packages. Pete continued to explain to Dyan the situation. "Luke has left the Bostonville – for good. He just told us one day that he just realized what he is and for what he is living for. He decided to go out and explore what it is to live in the world which he thinks is secluded from him…" Dyan felt utterly silent by what she learned.

Dyan was strolling by at the grassy plains overlooking the hills at the side. She recalled the memories of the past when she was capturing videos with the area for her project. This place has changed, but its original beauty remains, she said to herself.

A call of someone from behind made Dyan glance her way away from the calm scene of nature. Surprised by what she saw, she was stunned by the glow of what it seems like a very familiar face – Luke. He has come back to see her!
"Hi!" greeted Luke.

Dyan couldn't say a word. The Luke she've known was not the same Luke she is with right now. He became more impressively handsome and his features reveal those of a good-looking guy next door.

"Hey! Why the jaw dropping?" he said grinning.

Dyan became conscious. "Luke? Is that you?" she asked. "My, I was surprised to see you. You are... you've changed."

"Handsome?" replied Luke smiling.

"Well, yeah. I must admit." Dyan said, smiling too, felt her cheeks turn red. Suddenly she remembered something.

"Oh, yeah. I... I came here to visit back the village," Dyan began to talk, obviously not meeting the eyes of Luke. "I also..want to inform you that my project was...a success. And I came here to thank you personally."

"Yeah, Pete told me that," Luke said, and walked nearer to Dyan. "Well, I have something to tell you." he added.

"What is it?" Dyan felt weird emotions running through her. Stop it, just be calm, okay? What's happening with you? her mind kept composing herself.

"I have something to confess. It's a truth that that I've been keeping for myself and from you." Luke began to talk.

When Dyan didn't react, he continued, "I really did not tell you the true story about mtself. Of who I am, where I'm from, what I'm doing here, and the like. It's not the real me you've known for so long."

Dyan became puzzled. "What do you mean?" she asked.

Luke sighed, looked at her then continued, "I'm not living here, Dyan. My life really doesn’t belong here. I'm just a stranger, like you, when you first set your foot in this place. I live in the city. My father is a corporate manager, and mom is an accountant. We live a nice life, until everything seems to fall in disorder. The company where dad's working got bankrupt, my mom encountered a problem with their management, my studies became worse, my parents scolded me, and the like. I can't take life seriously that time. I feel there is a need for me to find myself – of what I really want to do with my life. I want to discover it in a far-away place like this. Far from the people who know me, from my real world."

Dyan was listening intently to Luke. He continued, "..until I met you. I've heard your story, your life, your views. I've listened to your woes, your worries, your fears. I got to know you – the real you. Then I realized...I don't know how or why...but I think God made me realized that. Because of what you said to me, I've known other people's story, of how they deal about life. And the people in this village, they live a simple life. I've learned that only humans do complicate their life by making decisions." he looked at Dyan, smiling. "Thanks for everything."

Dyan too, though surprised by Luke's confessions, managed to smile. She had not thought of it. But now she readily understood Luke. She also took the time a moment to express her gratitude to Luke. "You've made a great impact to my life." she told.

"You too." Luke said. "You're my angel in disguise." he grinned.

Dyan laughed by what he said. "Really, huh?" she chuckled.

"Yah, of course." Luke too, laughed with her. "C'mon, let's go back to Pete's house."

"Yah, I think they're waiting impatiently for us." And they both smiled, walked hand in hand to the house.

Everything looked different. The flowers bloom their blossomest way. The birds chirped the merriest. The air blowed its softest and coolest breeze. The trees swayed their branches gracefully. The clouds move freely in the blue sky. Nature celebrated all. And it was from a different point of view now. Life as what it should be.

"Remain fresh and original"

wHaT tHe toOOooTT!!!!!


My pqi USB Flash Drive is making 'new folders'!!! Dunno what's the matter with him!
I think it's a virus! So annoying! Well, it means that I have to reformat my flash disk! And that means that ALL my files will be deleted! Hah! Bad thing.. (-_-)

Hope I can find the same old files again... :-(

Monday, September 17, 2007

a fEsTivE FeStiVaL indeEd!


finally, the days of spending (quite)long (and tiring) hours in practice(s) for the events have ended..but it was uh..a wonderful experience, i should say. :-)

the good thing (and the greatest!) was WE WON!!! whoop! yeah! RED Enigma was declared over-all CHAMPION! nice one!

We grabbed the first place in the Speech Choir in motion (really? haha! funny! we haven't mastered it during the last performance); second place in Neo-Ethnic Dance(tsk,we should be in the first place, but dunno what's the matter with the judges, they chose the entry with the "ethnic" style.duh?!); second place?(or third place, m not sure)in Folk Dance (oh yeah..actually, i really felt nervous when we were at the backstage waiting for our turn. It was the first event for the second day, and to think, I (almost!) should have danced without a partner..(-_-); We bagged the gold in the Softball -women's div...(we spent the third day of the festival or the sports - championship event)..and some other events.. :-)

tsk..tsk..i miss my blog. it's been a while since i last made a post here..the festival kept me busy these last few days.

well, the advantage is..I've saved my money for the net! hahaha!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

HoLd yOuR BrEaTh...and rEciTE!!

oh, yeah...this morning we had our oratorical-speech recitation... (^.^)
And because I went home VERY late the night before because I typed my short story...(and I got home at 11:30 pm! imagine that?!) so...I wasn't able to wake up early..tsk...usual late-morning-routine to school (whenever we'll have our English 3 subject - 7:00-8:30 in the morning) bbaaddd day..(-_-)

When i arrived at our room, my classmates were reciting their piece...(my, I was late! tsk...tsk..) I submitted the hard copy of my piece (it was entitled, We Have Become Untrue to Ourselves by Felix Bautista)
I was not able to comb my hair, arrange my uniform when I arrived (I was half-walking-half-running from the gate to our school.. I hadn't much time to prepare my self (physically, mentally, emotionally...)) heart was still pounding hard against my adrenaline level and my blood pressure was still high...but then, after a while (when my classmate was finished reciting her piece), our professor called was my turn to recite..tsk..tsk..(my goodness, I was not yet prepared!)

Arrah said I recited it in a hurry...(-_-) Our professor told me mine is a good piece, yet I must have to express MORE feelings...coz it seems that I'm only memorizing it...(that's what she said..) FAIR...

LeSsoN LeaRnED...! impromptu typing isn't that..good or bad?

WhaT a daY!!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I went to school early in the morning (even if our arts class will be at 2 o'clock in the afternoon) so to type my literature assignment - short story! Tsk... I had a hard, long time making my draft about that...i even had spent time thinking for a certain topic when it was first announced by our teacher...duh?!) and so...I only made a framework of my story. I know i wouldn't be able to finish a DRAFT for a short span of time! (-_-)

Unfortunately, I have not spent most of my time at the school comp.lab. Then I found myself waiting impatiently for a vacant computer unit at a certain internet cafe together with my two other classmates...

And what an experience! I spent more or less 6 hours just making an original short story! My classmates have already finish making their own...while I...goodness gracious!..was only at the "rising-action" part... My fingers were already freezing cold and my stomach was grumbling in protest. I was really squeezing my mind last night just to make a good flow of the story. Tsk! Thanks to ... it was my online resource where I could get synonyms and related words for my redundant terms.. haha!

Lesson learned: Impromptu typing (or making a story in front of the blinking computer monitor) is worse than I ever thought...(huh? (".) alyssa?) oh, yeah...I just tried it this time wondering if it would work...for me... (^_^)

Hmmm....I have second thoughts about posting my short story here...(it's quite...long...(",) haha.. or so I think!) Well, we'll see...

Monday, September 3, 2007

given a chance to have a second time around...

Uh...ah..uhm...-- whatever..

I hate it when things are running through my mind yet no word comes out. Grrr! If only I could turn back time... Oh, yeah. Lately, we had a series of activity in our English subject. Impromptu, extemporaneous speaking, smart talking and interviewing, and the like...(wonder what's next? hmm..the oratorical speech and dramatic dialogue as our midterm exam are next in line. whew!)
Well, I just...thought I..did not..make it to the best that I could...I mean..(sigh!) I got tongue-twisted, mental-blocked, nerve-racked and so forth. I wasn't able to "hit the right spot" (or at least I had the idea but it didn't come out into GOOD words then) when I began talking in front of the class. (-_-)

Here are the few questions (or topics) I got:

Impromptu speaking
We were asked to write any question we would like to ask in a piece of paper and then submit it so we can draw lots and eventually answer the one you have extracted. I lost the copy of the question but I think it goes like this...
If given a chance to correct your mistakes, what would it be and why?

What I felt (as I read the question)...
(If given the chance...Oh, c'mon. I think this is a nice question..what would it be, and why? eyebrows actually raised. But then I answered it (in a sort of a melo-dramatic way :-)

What I have said...
Well, I can't remember it word for word, but I think I answered it this way.. :-)
- Well, yes, of course..if I'm going to have the chance to...(looked at the paper) it would of my mistakes in the that..I-I have sinned against a person and he/she got angry..of course..(".)..and I did not tell him/her that I have hurt him/her...(what an answer!)
oh, yeah! :-)

What I must say...
Well, I got your idea, whoever you are who made this question..but I think it goes this way... If you have committed mistakes in the past(well, everybody had!) what was it<..all about> and if you're given a chance to correct it, would you? and why? (or so I think..-_-)
Anyway, here's my answer...given the chance, of course, yes, I will correct the mistakes I've done..How I wish I could turn back time so I could be able to say sorry to the ones I've I wouldn't be living with regrets and painful memories.. I just kept silent about the bad things I've done, and I didn't even have the guts to admit my mistakes. Well, I guess, that alone is a mistake... :-(

Extemporaneous Speaking
I was destined to elaborate the topic... Give the relation of knowledge to wisdom. (".)

What I felt (as I read the question)...
Uh, well...nice one...I got something on my mind about this topic.. Actually I already have my own principle bout this certain things... (-_-)whatever..!

What I have said...
Good morning, everyone..My question (topic) was...(reads the topic)...then, I began expressing my thoughts about it...Well, it was...uh...full of...ahms and umms...coz even though I had the idea, I can't put it right into good words.. What I had expressed goes like this...(actually I even drew a concept map :-) )..knowledge is what you've learned from your environment,..your (the capacity?) of being know, "common sense" every decision you make...balancing which is good or bad, which is proper or know...something like that....(-_-) (now this is a bad speech..tsk..tsk..whaaattt?)

What I must say...
Ehem..! :-) Actualy, I'm really not sure if I'm making it up to the two-minute time limit given by our instructor. But my idea about this topic goes like this...
Knowledge is the 'collection'(somewhat) of the things you've learned from your surroundings, etc..all. While wisdom is somewhat related to "common sense". It is using your knowledge and balancing what is good or bad, which is proper and which is not... (oh, yeah..?) For me a well-rounded person who has great mind is someone who is not just 'purely' intelligent but also 'wise' in his decisions...(naks! you got my point?...ajejeje)

Smart Talking and Interviewing

My partner: Patrick Angelo Paasa
Uh, didn't go out that well...tsk.. I was kinda feeling good when our session started but duh?! if you have a male partner (our teacher will be the one to choose) he will be the interviewer.. (aww, I have already prepared some questions,grrr) I hate the topic. Nah! Kuya Pat said afterwards that he forgot to ask me about my "business thingy" that's why he dwelt on the IT course discussion. Grrr...he asked about..why I choose's IT in USEP and the like...well, it's just that I'm still searching for the right reasons so I could give a substantial answer whenever I will be asked about my course... :-)

Saturday, September 1, 2007

private property:

Meet Flutey and Crescent..

They are my instruments. Flutey is my flute, and Crescent is my guitar..(^_^)
You see, I love music. I play musical instruments when I feel blue. (char..)

Flutey is a kingflute which I bought when I was in grade 5. Actually, I have really no plan in buying a flute. At that age, I have little info about flutes, ya know.(^_^) But it was required by our music teacher, so the whole class complied it (oh yah, as if we had a choice!). But since the day Flutey was mine, and as time went on, I've learned to value it. I like its soft, heartfelt music that makes me feel good.

About Crescent... Crescent is my guitar, a gift from my mother. It was actually a living memory when they went to Bohol and Cebu for their Lakbay-Aral 2 (Crescent was just recently bought last May). Curious why I named her "crescent"? (^_^) It was because of her 'sexy-curved' figure at her side(^_^). Funny to tell, but ya'know I spend a moment to wipe it every after I play it so she would retain its shine (and glamour!haha), searching the net for some song lyrics with musical chords and notes keep me busy. Evry time I surf, I find time to log on to sites, get some hard copies, which I will later translate to another dialect. Haha. It's my other way of enhancing my skill in playing the guitar (if I have the so-called 'skill'.(--,)

hello, world!

Hello, world! This is my first blog...! Yipee! I've made it! Haha