Thursday, April 25, 2013

I Choose Change

(I made this essay based on the theme of the Student Catholic Action of the Philippines 4th Visayas-Mindanao Regional Leadership Conference 2013. We were not able to attend, anyway. :D) what aspect?

Am I ready for change?

Which part of me is willing to go with that change?
I am not deserving to carry the slogan if I am not one of the firsts to trust and carry on its principle.. the most convincing matter is the bearer of such slogan, the prime mover of such theme. But how can I be a worthy disciple of change?

I am known to be someone a follower of traditionalism.. I have been raised within the walls of conservative dwellers, although becoming gradually open to the newly adapted norms of today's society.

Somehow, my system became used to following its adapted standards. Life may seem difficult to divert from what the usual or common are. Transition usually takes time. And the process is not that very easy. Nevertheless I am not closing the doors, because as time goes by, I have learned to accept that nothing is permanent in this world except change. I have also heard and understood why some people are afraid of change. Actually, they are not fearful of change itself. But of the things brought about by that change... People are afraid of taking risks... afraid of the consequences... especially when they are not prepared. Of course, it takes a lot of adjustments. But it demands more of courage. A thing that requires more than physical and mental, but of emotional, social, and spiritual aspects.

You know why it's sort of hard for me to readily jump out from my comfort zone and fully embrace change? Because I have been used to think and believe that if we just stand firm with our customary standards, we will not be facing scary adjustments... As my personal adage says, "Keep it fresh and original."

But in today's setting, something is not anymore fresh if it is not changed. Something becomes old, adapted, outdated thereby losing its originality through time. I guess we really need to incorporate change, anyway.

The scary part when we think about it, is that change forces us to go beyond what we usually do, and leave behind the things that we normally have around us.

Just lie a boat or a ship geared up for a cruise or battle, but just anchored on the shore... something is holding us back, not allowing us to sail into the wide, sometimes raging seas. But we never know what's beyond the horizon... what is there on the deeper seas... if we don't sail... if we don't take risks... if we don't change.

The best is yet to come. We can believe that we can change for the better. Are we just staying down and keep on living in a society full of hope yet incapacitate of reaching its dreams because its people are afraid of taking risks? afraid of forging new paths? always going with the flow? afraid of going beyond the ordinary? No. It's about time we make steps..actions..behavior..thoughts..of a more innovative approach to improve our organization, our institution, our school, our city, our Church, and our nation.

Together, united with one goal, we can be better. And that starts with ourselves... "I choose change."

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