Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Words Can't Be Found

Is getting close to you
Worth taking the risk?
Or maybe I was wrong
To hope that you will turn

But you touched my heart somehow
With all the little things unknown
Never hoped that this would show,
A special feeling to keep aglow

What little story could rise
From a line full of life?
There's so much I need to say
And you've had enough to hear at bay

When the heart speaks
Words can't be found
When the beat stops
Will I see you around?

I've seen things that only the blind can see
I've heard music that was never yet played
I've seen sensations here now, not before
I sense something deeper and meaningful
Yet nobody can define what's it this time

And the questions that linger
Are the things I worry about
Holding back is getting harder
And telling is more difficult

I can't bear to lie, no I'm not the type
Admitting is not a fault, but I am scared
Forgive me I'm just too weak to tell the truth
Losing you forever is a thought I cannot hide.

(There are some points in life when you've met a person and realized that you've been touched so deep then...and there are no exact words that could tell how you feel...whichever way around, you were just thankful that a moment like that's another way of have a heart that feels. :)

..another product of me in solitude. Shall I give myself a toast? Haha.)

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